Mexico City plans to beat Jalisco in number of Mariachi musicians

If there’s a Guinness record for the country with the most Guinness records, México might be on the way to qualifying.
On Sunday, 1,721 antique automobiles turned out in México City and broke the Guinness record for the largest number of antique vehicles in a parade, beating the record set by Holland with 949 vehicles in 2002.
Vehicles must be more than 30 years old to qualify, and have 80% of their original parts and their bodywork in good condition.
Estimates put the crowd of onlookers Sunday at 250,000, both Chilangos and visitors who turned out for a festive day in splendid weather to enjoy the spectacle and applaud the vehicles on display.
Leading the three-hour parade, organized by the government of the Federal District (DF) and the History Channel, was a 1903 REO; it was followed by a variety of vehicles from public transit buses to vintage Corvettes.
It was México City’s third Guinness record this year but that, it seems, isn’t enough for ambitious city politicians. Cuauhtémoc borough chief Alejandro Fernández and DF Tourism Secretary Miguel Torruco announced plans to go for the largest number of mariachi musicians playing together at the same time.
That record is currently held by Guadalajara, as one might expect — the state of Jalisco has long been associated with mariachi music.
The city recaptured the record from the state of California last year with 700 musicians, two months after 560 mariachis played together at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.
México City’s bid for the honor will take place on November 22, saint’s day of Cecilia, patron of musicians, in the Plaza de Garibaldi.
Meanwhile, lawyer Menahem Asher Silva Vargas, 37, won the record last week for the largest collection of Harry Potter paraphernalia.
The México City resident has spent 13 years gathering Potter memorabilia: the 3,097 pieces fill two rooms. He beat a previous record of 807.
In May, two other records were set in the capital: the largest number of chefs — 3,634 — in a single place, and the most waiters running an 800-meter race with a tray of drinks.
But it’s not just México City that’s been celebrating records in 2014: Yucatán earned the honor of preparing the largest pulpeada — an octopus feast — earlier this year. It weighed in at 326 kilos. In 2010 the state earned gastronomic fame for the largest preparation of cochinita pibil, a slow-roasted pork dish.
Lest we should break the record for the longest report about Mexican Guinness records, the story ends here.
Original: Mexico Daily News

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  1. Being a Guinness record holder, or a country with the most Guinness records, even when it consists of making mariachi music with the most musicians with their instruments all in tune … may not compare to the 10,000 engineers, scientists and technicians with their computers that flew astronauts to the Moon so 12 men could walk on the dust covered surface.

    For myself, however , the coveted Guinness record would be the person with the highest IQ … say 1,000 to 2,000 , so that I could understand the universe, before-life, present-life, and after-life.

    For humanity, it would be the persons who could accomplish the greatest achievements by their own intelligence and skills. My solo amazing accomplishments were documented in the 1980s in the International Who’s Who of Intellectuals , Who’s Who in World Tennis, Who’s Who in America, and Who’s Who in Science and Industry … and even , perhaps , in the website archives of the Vallarta Tribune English newspaper.

    After my age of retirement, I discovered the most unique substance in the Universe … and on Earth, that could preserve DNA and the cellular structure of viruses, yeast, bacteria, animals and insects since they first came into existence some 300 million years ago. It is perhaps the only thing that modern science has not duplicated, and remains in the domain of the natural laws , ecology and time.

    The substance is amber, the amberized remains of tree resin, the immune system, and remains alive after the tree has died. We know this because a beer brewery in California brews its beer with yeast from a 45 million year old piece of amber.

    What would you do … if you had an IQ of well over the average American of 100 !?

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