Mexico City passes pro-trans bill

City allows trans people to legally change their gender without a court order Mexico City has approved a bill to allow transgender people to legally change their gender without a court order.
The Legislative Assembly of the Federal District passed the legislation on Thursday (13 November) by 42 votes to zero. Six lawmakers abstained.
Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera proposed the bill on the recommendation of the assembly’s Commission for Attention to Vulnerable Groups.
Jorge Zepeda Cruz, president of the commission, said in a statement that the legal changes were ‘inevitable.’
He said it was a priority of the city government to prohibit and eliminate discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in all areas of public administration.
Manuel Granados Covarrubias, president of the assembly’s human rights commission, said the amendments to the civil code would improve the lives of transgender people.
‘The ALDF complies with constitutional reform to ensure the observance of the fundamental rights of the people, by not allowing discriminatory acts or conduct’ he said.
He said the changes would not only eliminate lengthy and complicated court procedures for transgender people, ‘but also recognizes their dignity.’
Mexico City already has a comprehensive anti-discrimination law that protects LGBTI people and explicitly lists trans-phobia as a crime.
It is also the first city in Latin America to allow gender changes on birth certificates without medical examinations.

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  1. This is just plain crazy! Experience with this sort of thing in the U.S. has found that the suicide rate goes up with the rate of sex change operations. It is like a mass suicide at the governments expense. Regarding human rights , civil rights, or whatever one calls it ….isn’t the marriage partner entitled to know the biological gender of a proposed spouse , girlfriend or boyfriend? What about the rights of the parents of the two people involved, do not the parents have the civil or human rights to expect the continuation of their family line through the children expected from their adult children? I can see the day when sex becomes such a bad thing that parents will have test tube babies that have had their two sex chromosomes removed from the egg and or sperm, and babies without any sexual identity. .

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