Mexico bans genetically modified corn effective immediately

Mexico’s economy to grow nearly 4% in 2014, report says

Mexico’s economy will rebound in 2014 and grow 3.9 percent, compared to the 1.2 percent growth registered in 2013, insurer Credito y Caucion said in a recent report.”Mexico will be the exception in a changing pattern of growth in which the advanced markets will grow more while the emerging (markets) will continue leveling off” in 2014, Credito y Caucion said. The company is a unit of Grupo Atradius, which operates in 45 countries.Mexico’s economy will rebound because of “its unique relationship with the United States,” the destination for nearly 80 percent of Mexican exports, Credito y Caucion said.The U.S. economy is expected to grow between 2.5 percent and 2.6 percent in 2014, the credit insurer said.Mexico’s economy “experienced drastic deterioration during the credit crisis, began recovering in 2010 and has performed very modestly in 2013,” the report says.”Despite the solid short-term economic policy, the Mexican economy still faces structural weaknesses,” Credito y Caucion said.

These weaknesses include tax collection, lack of labor market flexibility and an energy industry “monopolized by the state,” the insurer said.The situation in the energy industry is “the principal challenge” for Mexico’s finances because petroleum accounts for 30 percent of public sector revenues, Credito y Caucion said.Mexico is the world’s sixth-largest oil producer, but the country’s proven oil reserves have fallen from 34 billion barrels in 1998 to 14 billion barrels today, giving the nation enough oil for only 10 more years.Mexico’s offshore reserves are twice the size of its onshore reserves, but state-owned oil giant Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, “does not have the knowledge and resources necessary to invest in exploration and production, due mainly to the fact that 90 percent of its income goes to the state,” the report said.

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  1. Let us hope the Mexican government will follow up on requiring GMO labeling on processed foods that may contain other GMO foods – which today are in almost all processed foods. It will be expensive to provide GMO labeling, plus the testing. The best thing is to only buy whole foods and prepare them yourself in the kitchen.

    Yes, corn was first discovered and hybridized by the ancient Maya who cross pollinized the various selected verities of corn. The ancient Egyptians may have combined the genomes of different verities of animal species, and transgenically combined the genomes to form a new species.

    But it was in the human genome that was transgenically combined with the fallen angels of the bible when they came to Earth to take the Earth women as wives. However , it was the International Genome Depository that has determined the 741 genes in the human genome, that are not cataloged in any other genome found on Earth.

    They also found that the human genome has some 4 percent of Neanderthal genes , some 8 percent of Dennisovan genes , both which are a verity of humans. Also some 8 percent of the human genome consists of viral genes.

    So the obvious question is, when were the genomes of living creatures on Earth, not infected with, or genetically modified with another species genome ? It is known , and used by genetic engineers that the vector virus can infect a person, take one or more genes out of the hosts chromosome , and infect another person or animal, and insert the taken gene in the new hosts’ chromosome.

    This may happen between two people that share their lives together, where over time, each person is changing the other person’s genome. You can see it in married couples where over time they begin to resemble each other in greater detail.

    The problem with the GOM foods, is that the new gene added, may have a profound effect on the genome, as one gene has many effects on the expression of the genome. And once it is there, how can it be removed when most food crops are pollinized through the wind, or by insects?

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