Mexico and U.K. to celebrate “Dual Year” in 2015 to strengthen ties

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and Prince Charles have officially announced the Mexico-United Kingdom Dual Year that will be celebrated in 2015, with different activities seeking to strengthen ties between the two nations.
“Through a wide range of activities, both countries will promote a better understanding between our societies and a more intensive cooperation in all dimensions of our bilateral relationship,” said Peña in a ceremony Monday at the National Palace, the seat of the Mexican government.
Through art exhibitions, culinary workshops, academic discussion forums, activities promoting tourism and business meetings, among other activities, “we will take the best of Mexico to the United Kingdom and the best of that great nation will come to our house,” added the president, who was accompanied by his wife, Angelica Rivera.
For his part, Prince Charles said that “2015 will be a banquet” as well as a “feast of activities” celebrating the relations between the two countries “whether in the field of art, business, education, science or innovation.”
“Cooperation between the United Kingdom and Mexico is of the utmost importance. Together I know that we will build a legacy that will go beyond the year 2015 and the centuries to come,” he added.
According to the Prince of Wales, both nations are “experiencing a new impetus” in their relation, “as more and more people are visiting, working or studying in the other country.”
Prince Charles is accompanied by his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, on his four-day state visit to Mexico, also his fifth to the country.
Source: EFE

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  1. Interesting … heretofore World Fairs were held to bring nations together to introduce the cultures of the various countries to at attendees. Similar to the Olympic games. I guess that they have become too political with terrorist acts during the Fairs and Olympics.

    Another reason could be the multi-culturalism existing in and taking over countries. The EU has decided that milt–culturalism is not working for them and are trying to turn it around to favor their own cultures.

    In the United States there are some 186 different languages spoken, some 68 in the public school system , and thus there are isolated factions developing in different areas. A number of states want to drop out of the union, and states wanting to split up in 2 or more states. Besides racial division, there exists language division, and now sexual division such as same sex and opposite sex marriages.

    In England it was reported that a woman married her poodle dog. I hope that it does not happen in Mexico.

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