Mexican WinsYoung Space Leaders Prize

The Mexican musician Nahum Mantra was recently awarded the Young Space Leaders Prize by the International Astronautical
Federation, marking the first time it has ever gone to an artist.
Mantra, who composes music for a variety of media and instruments and who has founded musical ensembles like the Orchestra
Elastique, was presented with his prize at the International Astronautical Congress in Toronto, where he was named a world leader in the field of space exploration.
His next stop is Russia, where he plans to conduct artistic experiments on zero gravity parabolic flights.
Roger Malina, whose father, Frank Malina, founded NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, qualified Mantra’s achievement as a landmark in the history of space exploration, adding that he “belongs to a new generation of young artists […] that will influence the ideas of tomorrow and make the future of space exploration possible.”
The Young Space Leaders Prize is awarded to people aged between 21 and 35 who have shown exceptional leadership in the field of astronautics, who have made major contributions to the sector, are involved with the space community and have shared their experiences and know-how. What makes Mantra’s win so special is that this is the first time the work of an artist has been considered an important aspect of the sector’s agenda.

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  1. I have to admit that I am confused what this has to do with leadership in space exploration ? I am quite familiar with the workings of JPL and the people who work there via interviews with their scientists, rocket designers and astronauts and missions as provide evenings over Coast to coast AM radio for the past 25 some years. This is a new one on me.

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