How being Mexican lead me to become a holistic health coach

I grew up with my parents owning a Mexican restaurant. Getting tacos at school and eating chile verde burritos were common meals for me as a child. While many Mexican food staples are healthy, and my mom did a great job of keeping processed foods out of the house, there were still many food options that aren’t.

I couldn’t understand why as a super active teen running track, being in cheer-leading and dance, I couldn’t lose the “baby fat.” This led to a constant pursuit for the “right diet” and endless hours at the gym.

I remember the first connection I made with where food comes from when my father enthusiastically, but hesitantly handed me a taco to eat at our restaurant. Sensing his reticence, I asked, “What kind of taco is it?” He replied, “Beef tongue.”

At that moment, I realized that meat came from animals, something I hadn’t considered before. I began to develop an inquisitive nature about food where it came from and truth-seeking in general. Meanwhile, my parents were beginning to develop health issues.

As I grew up, I lived a rushed lifestyle, and the result was that I was consistently  exhausted, stressed and became ill with debilitating gall bladder disease that would leave me doubled over in pain. Long story short, my choices were surgery to remove my gall bladder or try a natural cleanse.

Not having the money for surgery, nor the will to give up a vital organ, I opted for spending twenty dollars on ingredients to help cleanse my liver. Within five days, hundreds of stones were expelled from my body. That was a pivotal moment for me and what catapulted my journey of discovery and curiosity about natural healing and uncovering more truths including demystifying what goes on in food production.

Since then, I’ve learned that I can help busy, professional women over forty who are struggling with self-care, feeling old, fat and tired by showing them how they can care for themselves, lose unwanted pounds, feel younger and regain their zest for life. Because I was once there and I can help you get your zeal back.