Meet The Tacos Linda Family

Home is where the heart is.” This long-used phrase has repeated a truth that has persisted for generations and that has found translation in every language and dialect that cares to put a phrase to the feeling of being ‘home’. Along the Lazaro Cardenas, in the heart of the Bucerias Art District, there is a nondescript door and subdued but elegant signs that will lead you to a home away from home, Tacos Linda.
Upon entering you will be greeted like guests to their home, not only because all the staff feel that way about each guest they receive, but also because the space you enter is the front courtyard of their family home of 38 years. The décor is simple and functional because the emphasis is on you the guest and creating for you a delicious and satisfying meal. Sitting to chat with Linda, the owner and namesake of Tacos Linda, and her son, Kino, your server and host, I am immediately reminded that I am not simply another face who has stopped by as Kino pops up from the table to retrieve for me some mosquito repellent noticing that I was scratching a fresh bite (my how these Mexican mosquitos love my French-Canadian gringo blood!). This is their focus, engrained in them from years of family tradition and cooperation. This is Mexico and you, my friend, are at their casa and “su casa es su casa” for the time you spend with them for dinner.
When asked why she started Tacos Linda 5 years ago with Kino, Linda is not hesitant in her response, “My passion is my kitchen, my cooking.” With no tutor other than her own desire to cook and create fantastic flavours with traditional Mexican spices and dishes, Linda has put together a menu that with have your taste buds singing appreciation. Kino mentions that a number of guests have suggested bottling Linda’s signature spices for mass production and expanding operations, perhaps even a chain of restaurants. But wiser patrons have encouraged the family to keep Tacos Linda as it now is, perfectly personal. While this writer would agree that having the taste of Tacos Linda on the shelf at home would be wonderful, I am unsure whether any manufacturer can duplicate the love and care with which each dish and sauce is made. On the idea of expansion, this is first and foremost a family business, something Linda is equally vehement to express, so while we would be delighted to have Tacos Linda all across Mexico, there is only one Linda, and duplicating her desire to make great home –cooked meals and the subsequent result, would be nigh on impossible.
It is worth the visit for the atmosphere alone. Wear something casual and cool, bring your own beer or wine, don’t worry Kino will tell you “we don’t judge” with a quick smile. In high season you may have to wait for a few minutes to enter, but you will be surrounded by a temporary familia. It will make you want to stay for sure, but once you taste the food, you will want to move in permanently! Kino says this is “real Mexico” and this writer agrees. The tradition of hearty, tasty food and gathering around the family table is alive and well at Tacos Linda. Home is most 0definitely where the heart is, and the heart of Tacos Linda is worn on their sleeve and shared with each guest and on every plate. Thank you for sharing your home with the Bucerias Art District Linda and Kino and all the Tacos Linda family.

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