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Meet The Artist: Natasha

They say that the crazier an artist’s back story is, the better and more famous they seem to become. If that’s true, Natasha Moraga is the up and coming artist who’s about to slide into your everyday, because some of the things that have happened in her life would surely make your head spin, stomach turn, or maybe both.

Fresh back from a trip to the States this October where she was invited to speak on the power of being a public artist, her voice and her reach are growing. And that’s exciting. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person.

Not just “nice”, Nat’s one heck of an interesting person too.

She has tattoos on her body which are mirrored in the Tile Park, and pieces in her home too… related in some way… mirrored on her body in tattoo form or recognizable in the Park. To be honest, it’s hard to say whether they mirror her or she mirrors them. It’s likely at this point that there is no mirroring involved: she is these things, and these things are her. Integration, life imitating art. Or is it that art imitating life?

Where paying the bills is concerned, Nat’s had plenty of different jobs in life, but the only one that ever worked out isn’t really work at all for her… it’s more like her entire purpose for being: creating art.

She left home at the young age of 15, and yes, it was too early, but even now she’ll tell you that was the right thing to do. Parts of her life had begun to fracture, and she had yet to learn how to arrange the broken pieces in a logical way. She didn’t yet see that her gift was exactly that… a gift… but she was getting there. Family dynamics can be a beast but she eventually got her feet under her.

Over the next several years, she created many public mosaic installations in Vallarta. One project that is visible to anyone passing into Vallarta is the giant mosaic PUERTO VALLARTA letters on the roadside. She’s also done several projects in the marina, and the mosaic wall outside the Emiliano Zapata school is another well-known piece. That was her very first project, incidentally.

Beginning with that first one, in Nat’s work, the community has always been a central focus. Making art for the community. Being inspired by them and inspiring them as well.

Just like a mosaic installation comes together one tile at a time, so too has her life. For her, it’s become something to cherish, one piece at a time. Perfectly beautiful pieces on their own, coming together to create something larger, with recognizable patterns, and a different picture entirely if you allow enough perspective on it.