Medical Matters: Pushing forward!

After months and months of planning, Medical Matters 2019 came together like a finely tuned machine and I absolutely could not be more proud of the event! We are guessing that approximately 3,500 people passed through the doors of the Hotel Marriott on February 11, 2019. Speakers programs were full, there were a lot of smiling people and so much interaction seen between the attendees and our exhibitors. If you were not able to attend any of the speakers programs, I will be re-running those throughout the next couple of months so if you are not on our newsletter list, send me an email and we will get you on it so that you can see our monthly clinics, speakers programs and much more.

The stellar group of volunteers is the main reason that Medical Matters ran so smoothly. Each and every one of our volunteers is a superstar as far as I am concerned. They knew what to do, how to direct, held their signs high, gave great information and smiled all day long. This was not a ‘paying gig’ and they did it out of the goodness of their (grand) hearts and I will be forever grateful. And a very special thank you to Glenda Bland, the volunteer ‘leader’. What a woman! Bravo!

Clinic Sanmare is up, running and moving forward as we begin to add additional services to our already full gamut of offerings. GP’s on duty, lab, radiology and specialty physicians are on track and moving well. Now I can begin to add some special programs that, for years, I have wanted to do!

We will begin to have “Sanmare Sundays’ where on Sundays we will offer a special lab discount for various services. We have a wonderful new dietician, Monica, and we will begin interesting and enjoyable programs such as shopping tours (we are next door to Soriana!), cooking classes, focusing on local foods and nutrition.

The weekly speakers programs begin again in March so that I can use the spacious new meeting room! Sanmare is the only ‘first point of contact’ clinic in the area. We are not an emergency room! For an emergency such as chest pain, trauma, etc. one must go to an emergency room at a hospital! As I titled this week’s column, pushing forward!

It is very important that one registers online with their consulate! So very easy to do! If you do not have the links, just send me an email!

I have had a few requests for a ‘grief support group’, mainly from surviving spouses. If you are interested in participating in a group such as this, please send me an email and I will add you to the information group as this is formed.

It is sad to see the old Rizo’s building being demolished. Rizo’s was not just a grocery store. It was the social center for us ‘old timers’ here in Vallarta. The bulletin board at Rizo’s was like a Facebook group is today featuring everything from items for sale to job postings. Walking into that door at Rizo’s and smelling the coffee, which was sold immediately to the left as one entered was a warm and comfy feeling. You just never knew WHO you would run in to at Rizo’s. And upstairs was a treasure trove of stuff (er, crap), from wrapping paper to mousetraps and everything in between. Ah Gutierrez Rizo’s, we will miss you.

We are all working as fast as we can! Remember that ‘Botox is not an emergency’!

Here’s to a gratifying week!

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