Medical Matters: March Medley

Here are a bunch of ítems that have landed in my mind during the week to mention, point out. No particular order!

  • If you are admitted to a private hospital and do not present your insurance information at admission because you/your family does not have it, then it really needs to be turned in as soon as possible so that the insurance person at the hospital can call and open the case. Carry a copy of your insurance information with you please!
  • Did you know that if someone dies in Nayarit, the surviving spouse must provide a copy of the marriage certificate? Not so in Jalisco.
  • For the love of ringtones, if you are in a hospital waiting room, clinic waiting room please handle cell phone conversations outside or away from earshot (or a low voice please) of others waiting. Others really do not need to or want to hear your conversations or as well, listen to the YouTube video you are watching. Ear phones folks!
  • When you attend a physician’s appointment, take notes, make sure your questions are answered before you leave or even better, take another person you trust with you. Emailing the physician afterwards (or me) to say the doctor did not answer all of your questions is a bit after the fact. We do our best but the patient has some responsibility as well.
  • Also, when attending a physician consult, be sure and take a list of all medications you are taking and present to the physician.
  • We still have space in our speakers programs in March so if you would like to attend, email as soon as you can!
  • On March 21, 2019 we invite you to attend a really important talk by our nutritionists “What’s Bugging You?” Food safety in the area. Email for info! It is going to be great and the kick off to an entire series of nutrition talks and workshops!
  • Thrilled about the networking and gathering of local licensed psychologists and therapists last week for some excellent brainstorming and the start of putting together a complete “Mental Health’ Resources guide for the area. More info soon. Woo-hoo!
  • Botox is not an emergency!
  • No food or beverages are allowed to be taken into patients at the local private hospitals.
  • “But at home, I don’t have to do XYZ for this diagnostic study”. Well, here things are oftentimes done differently and usually with a good reason. Instructions need to be followed from here, not from ‘home’.

It has been another whirlwind week here! With Easter arriving late this year, this makes for a ‘longer high season’ which is great! Could the weather be any more perfect?

Here’s to a sunshiny week!

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