Medical Matters: Botox!

I think one of the most common requests I receive these days is for Botox for the reduction of facial wrinkles. Of course, Botox is used for other things too, from migraines to excessive sweating to some allergies. We really do not have anyone here that specializes in Botox for other than cosmetic purposes. For dermatological purposes, there are many highly qualified and experienced physicians in the area including dermatologists and plastic surgeons. One can choose to go to whoever they want to but be sure and do some homework. Beauty shops, spas, even some dental offices are now on the Botox bandwagon so ‘buyer beware’. Administered by an unqualified person could leave you looking a bit strange. Do you really want to look permanently surprised? Oftentimes people are not too happy with the price of Botox here and for some reason, believe that it is ‘cheaper to get it here’. Prices vary and is based on the number of units used, and AVERAGE is 90 to 120 pesos per unit. Example (and again, prices vary) but around the eyes, 2,000 pesos. Forehead 1,600 pesos. Between the eyebrows 2,300 pesos.

Results are visible after three days of the application and reach the maximum effect ten to fifteen days after application.  It should last about 5 months. Post-treatment includes no strenuous activity the day of the treatment and prefer that the patient lie down for a couple of hours after the injections.  No other restrictions.

Does it hurt? From personal experience, I can say it depends on who is doing the injections of the tiny little pinpricks using a very fine needle. It also depends on the area being injected.

And of course, there are a wide variety of other cosmetic ‘items’ to assist in creating the face to appear more youthful. Fillers, fat transfers, Hyaluronic Acid, laser, chemical peels and more! Be aware that the more popular the physician is at this time of year, the further out the appointments are.

As with most cosmetic procedures, this is a personal decision. No one should ever be judged for wanting to look more youthful! I have to chuckle sometimes because we hear from people who are anti-mammogram, anti-vaccine among other things (which is absolutely 100% their right!). But by golly, do not let anyone get in the way of their Botox appointments. Go figure! After all Botox is a neurotoxic protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.

If you have questions, need further information, an appointment you are always welcome to email me!

Congratulations to Hospital San Javier Marina on celebrating their 18th anniversary! Where in the world does the time go? I remember when I had an office at San Javier about 16 years ago when I worked for the air ambulance/ground ambulance company. I have sort of come full circle. Please do stop by and have a look at the new “Smile Gallery”. It’s great!

Here’s to a wrinkle-free week!

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