Medical Matters: A Medley of Items!

There is so much chatter that this is the busiest ‘high season’ anyone has experienced. It certainly is for us/me but then again, I remember saying this last year, and the year before that, and the year before that. Either way, I cannot even think of a word to describe it (even using my Thesaurus!). Nuts. Crazy. Non-stop. Insane. Not really complaining (much) and I believe a lot of the stress is self-induced. I mean seriously, one can only do their best and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to answer emails any differently than one at a time!

We are up and running at Clinic Sanmare! Woo-hoo! I could not be more proud than I am working with this ‘team’. Our head of nursing, Mari, is truly stellar. She keeps her OR (and her nurses!) in tip top shape and believe me, she runs the tightest ship I have ever seen. After a few glitches (which is normal!) our full staff of receptionists have come together like a finely tuned machine. Our physicians now, still think I am nuts, but we are working together smoothly. We have so many exciting things in the works but I need to get through Medical Matters first!

Medical Matters is right around the corner. The speakers program is outstanding this year and if you would like a copy, just send me an email. I am still trying to choose my shoes. Another animo!

We are so pleased and proud to have begun working with our new orthopedic physician, Dr. Joel Galindo. He moved here with his family from Guadalajara just to be with us. He is an absolute joy to work with and his English is excellent. Watch for a full article on him coming soon!

Hospitals remain at full capacity and a big shout out and bravo to all nurses, staff and everyone else that is involved in taking care of patients here. And for the record, once again, yes, I am still at San Javier Hospital! I love it there. I feel like I am in a video game, crossing the street back and forth between the hospital and the clinic.

If you are admitted to a hospital it is VITALLY IMPORTANT that you (or your family member) bring your insurance information! It is impossible for the admitting department to call your insurance company to open a case, without the information. Be sure and carry a copy of your information in your wallet/purse.

We recently did a presentation on general healthcare information in La Cruz and in Nuevo Vallarta. If your group would like one of these presentations, please just send me an email. I cover a plethora of information from insurance to emergencies, death in the area to how hospitals work. There are numerous condo associations and other groups of folks out there and I am more than happy to do this.

Our speakers programs will start up again after Medical Matters. And yowza! Do I have an exciting list! Send your requests on specific topics as well. Always open for suggestions!

Out of space, out of time and out of energy.

Here’s to an incomparable week!

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