Medical Matters: A Grab Bag of Things

Yowza! What an event on Saturday, November 10, 2018 as UroVallarta, Diagnosti-K and a very long list of local businesses held a blowout event for Movember to increase awareness of Men’s Health, particularly prostate and testicular cancer. Every kind of game from darts to basketball, a mechanical bull, a rock band, beer, tacos, antique Harley Davidson bikes and a whole lot more! Congratulations to everyone who participated and attended in this very successful event. We already have some ideas for next year’s event.

Fresh Talent

There are so many exciting things in the works, health-wise here in the area. New doctors arriving to the area that include a urogynecologist, pediatric nephrologist, traumatologist, dermatology oncologist and even a physician who specializes only in eyelids! And they are bilingual! They are young, innovative and fresh with a lot of new energy. Watch for profiles and details on these physicians in the near future. I feel very honored to be part of anchoring their new practices here in Puerto Vallarta.

Protect Yourself From Dengue

Yes, we have dengue! And we have a lot of it recently. Cases are on the rise, and it is so very important to use a DEET based repellant, clear all standing water in your home-patio areas. If you begin with the symptoms of fever, rash, nausea, headache, joint pain it is recommend that you see your physician/a physician no later than the second day or third day. And DO NOT take any aspirin or aspirin-based products. NO I AM NOT A DOCTOR but this is information from numerous doctors that I work with. Not Dr. Facebook or Dr. Google. Locals do not call it the ‘bone crushing sickness’ for nothing. If you have ever had it, you know why they call it that.

New Clinic Opening Soon

Our new clinic (next door to Soriana sort of across from Hospital San Javier Marina) gets closer every day to being ready to open. Maybe December? Maybe January 1? I don’t know! I just know it is exciting! Now I just wish someone would build a footbridge so that I can go back and forth from the clinic to Hospital San Javier Marina several times per day. That is NOT an easy street to cross! If you are at Soriana, stop by and have a peak. You cannot miss it because of all of the construction work. It used to be Peter Piper Pizza and we must get out of the habit of calling it ‘the pizza place’!

Words of Wisdom

There suddenly seems to be a lot of insurance agents in the area and I use the term loosely because some have loads of experience and some have little to none. Choose wisely when you purchase your health insurance because believe me, if you have an agent that is going to disappear when you have a claim to submit, an emergency admission and need some assistance or someone who does not know exactly how your policy functions, you are going to have problems.

Upcoming Events

We still have space at our ‘breakfast with a urologist’ on November 20 and at our program on November 27 by Dr. Alejandro Rios, pulmonologist, on bronchial issues in the area. Take advantage of these no charge events! RSVP via email to me for info/reservation.

Someone opened the floodgates and there are oodles of people back in town for the winter! And the social whirlwind has begun!

Here’s to a very robust week!

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