Media Luna hits the road this Spring—Destination Bellas Artes!

The sky is the limit for the young artists of Media Luna. In addition to their extremely popular weekly show at Incanto Cabaret Theater here in Puerto Vallarta every Thursday evening  at 7:00, they will be playing high in the mountains at San Sebastian del Oeste on February 23-24 at an overnight annual event held at an historic hacienda.  More information on this event is on my website and their face book page.  From there they will go on to San Miguel de Allende for a number of engagements.  Lucky for us, they will return to Incanto for their Thursday shows each week so be sure you get your tickets early and don’t miss out.

The talented young men of Media Luna are scheduled to play at Bellas Artes in San Miguel de Allende on the 16th of March! This incredible band so popular here in Puerto Vallarta is also in huge demand in San Miguel. If you are traveling to the Bajío or have friends there, you will want the details.

The Bellas Artes concert will be held on March 15 at Calle del Doctor Ignacio Hernandez Macias 75 in San Miguel de Allende at 6:00 PM.  The full band will play presenting their Full Moon concert with invited guests, including accordionist Gilio from Colombia. They will thrill the audience with lovely Mexican Fusion pieces like a childhood favorite Son de Maria, Colombian classic Fruta Fresca, the beautiful flamenco rumba piece Entre Dos Aguas by Spanish guitarist Paco de Lucia, the captivating waltz from Oaxaca by Gerardo Tamez, Tierra Mestiza, original compositions by Media Luna, El Bravo and Tears of Joy, Carlos Santana’s dramatic Europa played by Jair on electric guitar and, of course, their excellent rendition of El Cascabel from Vera Cruz. The audiences are being carried away by the innovative and energetic execution of these new additions to their repertoire.  With the exquisite voice of Julio Renteria also on Bass, his brother Armando on percussion, cousin Gibran Montalvo on guitar and Caleb and Jair Cabrera with their unbeatable guitar style, the music carries listeners to levels of ecstasy never experienced before.

See and hear these talented musicians at Incanto every Thursday at 7:00 PM.  You will return again and again! ( for tickets)

For more information see my website and Media Luna’s facebook page.