Meatless Meet-up YUP


Pass the cochinita pibil tacos please! Or maybe the carne asada ones with avocado salsa, cabbage, and lime! Can you say a loud, “SUPER YUM!!”
Veggie Table located at Guerrero 182 in el centro was the location for the first Meatless Meet-up YUP event hosted by Vegetarians and Vegans Puerto Vallarta.
This quaint veggie haven stayed open one evening for the group of individuals that were die-hard vegans or vegetarians and also omnivore individuals interested in adopting more vegetables into their life. Everyone was welcome!
The menu included six different plant-inspired tacos for 18 pesos each – al pastor, potato with chorizo, nopales with rajas ( cactus with poblano peppers), vegetable tinga which are shredded veggies in a special tomato sauce, carne asada, and cochinita pibil which is a veggie rendition of the traditional Mexican slow-roasted pork dish of Mayan origin.
There were many gluten-free options as well. A side-table was set up with different salsas, fixings such as cucumbers, cabbage and whole pinto beans to stuff our tacos with. To wash it down we had the agua fresca that was made that day. And this charming little plant-based establishment also carries goodies such as coconut yogurt, hummus, mushroom pozole, non-dairy cream cheese and sour cream, curry panang ( eggplant), and now vegan chocolates!
Oh. My. Goodness. I just had one the other day – lavender and rose dark chocolate and there are a variety of other delectables.
This Meatless Meat-up was a huge success even though the place is small, it filled up! Every month a different restaurant will be featured, to show that you can always find great, plant-based eating if you get creative. And compassion is the theme. You don’t have to be vegetarian or vegan to participate, you just have to have a curiosity and a willingness to embrace better health and compassion for yourself, the animals we share the plant with or the planet itself. If you would like to join the group Vegans and Vegetarians Puerto Vallarta do a search on facebook and click to join.
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