Mayor recognizes the Vallarta team of FootGolf


By achieving the first places of the National Championship

The municipal president congratulated the two-time national champion César Cuauhtémoc Díaz, and stressed that there is great potential in this new discipline

After an outstanding participation in the ‘National FootGolf Championship’, whose last date was held recently in the city of Cuernavaca, Morelos, the municipal president Arturo Dávalos Peña, received part of the delegation that represented Puerto Vallarta on this day in the that won valuable triumphs, showing the great talent that this new sport has in our city.

The mayor recognized this team that in each tournament has been consolidating its good performance, both as a group and individually, by distinguishing itself among the teams that make up the Mexican FootGolf Federation, managing to raise the name of Puerto Vallarta, of Jalisco and Mexico, as local players have also participated in the specialty World Cup.

In this sense, Dávalos Peña recognized César Cuauhtémoc Díaz Santos, who was crowned two-time national champion in the final of this Mexican circuit, and is the first selected for the world championship of this sport; as well as Jorge Meda, who on his second day of competition won second place; Also to Carlos Rodríguez, who obtained first place in the amateur category, and to the players Héctor Colín, René Madero and Carlos Manuel Joya, who also achieved important results in this match.

“The truth is that we are very pleased that they put the name of Puerto Vallarta up high, they have already gone to other countries to represent Mexico and with very good results and today we see that Puerto Vallarta is a power in this,” said the first mayor , while acknowledging that it is a little-known sport, but novel, that should be promoted so that more people enjoy it and practice it, since it combines precision, mettle and concentration, as is done in golf, but with the use of a ball and the accurate shot that the player makes with his foot.

“To acknowledge the truth that effort you are making, breaking stone is not easy, you have done very well and there are the trophies already, the championships, the tournaments in which you have participated and that little by little will be made known what this sport is here in our region ”, he pointed out.

The athletes from Vallarta, shared with the mayor their experience in this discipline and thanked the support that he has always given to the delegation, who have already held 4 national tournaments in this city, also recognizing the openness that the golf courses of this municipality have had and Bahía de Banderas, to combine in its facilities the space for practicing both footgolf and traditional golf, making this the only destination that has the possibility of opening up to 4 courses for a high-level event.

They indicated that in the last tournament, which took place in November, 73 players participated, which in turn represented an important economic benefit for the destination.

The players also raised the proposal so that a sports space can be enabled, so that people know and practice this discipline, so in coordination with the director of the Municipal Sports Council (Comude), José Amador Hernández Madrigal, who was also in this meeting, they will be working on this project.

During the meeting, they presented Mayor Arturo Dávalos and the head of Comude with the Vallarta FootGolf team shirt.