Marsol Friday Market: Pickles

Visit Marsol this Friday for sure if you’ve meant to stock up on a few of Patty Jo’s lovely cards; she is off on vacation next week until July. Remember she donates all of her profits to charity!
Mark and Barbara Peters can’t make pickled beets fast enough; one must arrive early to Market to get some! Besides delightful pickles, Barbara also brings – and makes – beautiful designer jewelry. Often she has original paintings, handmade clothing, and exquisite pieces of glassware to decorate your home or condo.
Ricardo is improving his packaging and invites your opinions and comments as changes are made. Please recycle as much as possible and receive a discount when you return his empty containers.
Marcia has lovely shawls as well as new and gently used clothing. See her each Friday for new vintage silk collars (necklaces) and wild Mixto earrings.
Beach Booty Jewelry is bringing in dozens of new ‘found’ pieces of sea glass and beach tiles every week. Paired with sterling silver; absolutely beautiful.
Jorge will be back from Mexico City with his upbeat silver collection. For truly unique pieces, check out Vallarta’s favorite beach vendor.
Opals are still a going concern at the Ruesga’s ‘taller’ where rings, pendants, and earrings are made by David after designs created by his wife of 45 years, Elizabeth. Natural and manmade stones are available in every price range.
The Marsol Friday Market by the Pier is the only year-round artisan market in Vallarta. We are open from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Marcia Blondin