Marsol Friday Market by the Pier: Spirals 

Fascinating stainless steel spirals twist and turn with the slightest of breezes; lovely to catch and reflect the sunlight on your terrace or backyard. Arturo Martinez brings these interesting geometric ‘wind spirals’ in many different sizes and shapes to Marsol Market every week.

Parota is one of Mexico’s most richly-grained and hardest of woods. Santos Grispino Favian hand carves gorgeous spoons, fruit bowls, cutting boards and so much more from this precious wood. Soft as silk to touch and as strong as the tree from which they came.

Did you know that regular store-bought sunscreens block Vitamin D? Try using Ricardo Mazcal’s Day Cream. It will allow critical Vitamin D to nourish your body and still protect your face from sunburn. This is particularly important for folks who live up north like most of our tourists!

The Marsol Friday Market by the Pier presents, accompanied by live music: handmade aprons and pillow shams; city and country walking tours; durable cotton wine/gift bags; natural herbal remedies, and Chiapas coffee and Louisiana peanut brittle. Home Décor advice; !00% cotton clothing and crocheted shawls; exquisite baked goods and pickled beets. Corn Husk flowers and Straw art; Talavera pottery and Huichol crafts; fabric and leather purses; Bark art and animal-rescue info.  Mexican nuts and candies; Jewelry made with: sterling silver; faceted glass and semi-precious stones; repurposed fabrics; leather for men and women; sea glass and beach tile and more.

Join us year-round at the Marsol Friday Market by the Pier. Open from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Marcia Blondin