Marsol Friday Market by the Pier: Leaf Motif

Love this time of year! So many returning friends flocking into Market for hugs and to see everything familiar and meet our new, inventive vendors.

Laurie is one of them. She creates ‘Leaf Motif’ (my term!) using real leaves pressed into concrete then gaily painted and decorated. They are functional as dishware, beautiful and absolutely one of a kind. Not as heavy as one may think; however she is creating a line of smaller pieces that will slide into your carry-on luggage and barely make a dent.

Cheryl is another addition to Marsol Market creating fabulous, lightweight shawls that you can dress up or down. Each one is hand-crocheted in a myriad of colors and very different styles.

We also have a chiropractor, Dale Charette, who will be doing adjustments at Market just as soon as his table arrives! Be sure to introduce yourself to him – he will be making house calls throughout Old Town and can also receive you in his home for treatments.

Kim’s sticky buns are back, as are her fantastic peanut butter cookies. If you walk into the Market with your pooch, you will be led directly to Kim’s table for her complimentary doggie treats.

Ricardo’s Warrior Extract is gaining fame as a sure-fire strength booster in the gym. Your focus will improve dramatically.

Lalo returns with his fabulous collection of antique jewelry from around the world. He spent the summer touring Europe and buying up estate sales of superb pieces. Be the first to see what he has!

Visit all our vendors every Friday at the Marsol Hotel by the Pier. Open from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm year-round.

Marcia Blondin