Marsol Friday Market by the Pier 

Mother’s Day is coming May 10th! The Marsol Market offers so many choices to please the mother in your life: from food products and jewelry; to clothing and accessories. How about an assortment of beautifully packaged salsas? “Pajarilla” sauces are made from family recipes over 100 years old. Entirely prepared by hand using seven different kinds of organically grown, non-GMO chilies; the results will enliven all your culinary dishes. Use them for dipping, marinades or while barbequing. They have a long shelf-life and are gluten-free.

Ricardo, our herbalist, is having a sale: 20% off his Day Cream. Your mother will love you!

Marcia has brand new clothes and shoes along with her silk collars and Mixto earrings.

The choices in jewelry are huge. Take your time looking around something is bound to catch your eye.

We have a new vendor this week: Dawn Nichol, a Registered Massage Therapist specializing in professional dancers and musicians. She has worked with some of Canada’s most prestigious ballet companies and has written a book on foot care. Dawn will also work on ‘regular’ people!

The Marsol Friday by the Pier is open from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm year-round.