Mario Bros registers with the SAT

Nintendo, the North American company known for its Super Mario Bros video game, and 12 other companies registered with the Tax Administration Service (SAT).
With this, they joined the list of digital service providers registered in the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC) for value added tax purposes.
Thus, as of November 10 of this year, there are a total of 48 companies that already have RFCs and are committed to complying with tax obligations in Mexico.
Other companies also appear in the new list, such as: Acorn Media from the United States that offers video and streaming services, especially with content from British series.
US online course company Courcera has also signed up, as has UK digital book, magazine and information distributor Mcsi Limited.
Another video game company is the company Ea Swiss Sari and the sports betting company Sportradar Ag as well as the finance company Vorwerk International & Co Kmg, all based in Switzerland.
US anime entertainment company Funimation Global Group and US video game Riot Games, as well as US finance and asset manager S&P Opco.
The NFL football game content TV service, Overtier Operations, was also registered in the Cayman Islands.
For the Czech Republic, he signed up with the SAT Socialbakers, which helps companies to manage profiles on social networks.
Source: El Universal Agency
Photo by Milenio

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