Marina Vallarta to undergo extensive renovation

With an investment of up to 100 billion pesos, Marina Vallarta is slated for an extensive renovation to be completed for the start of the 2015-2016 season.
Combining forces with Opequimar Centro Marina, local businessman Elias Sacal and with the support of the local neighbourhood and business associations, the Marina will undergo extensive renovations in an effort to bring back tourism to this thirty year old destination.
“We will renovate the docks and tourist areas, and install security cameras to rejuvenate tourist interest in this area,” said Verján Carlos Alberto Flores, Opequimar CEO. “With the completion of the new Malecon and Los Muertos Pier, it is time to have a new look for the marina, as it is more than 30 years old. Marina Vallarta is a very important destination.
If the Marina does well, it’s better for Puerto Vallarta.

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  1. I remember visiting the 30 year old Marina Vallarta twice in the more than 35 years that I have vacationed in Puerto Vallarta, which is the same number of years that I have visited Acapulco now over 30 years ago. I liked staying at the Acapulco Plaza best of all, and the giant water slide downtown, and watching the hotel attendants raking the beach sand so smooth every morning … however, I understand that Acapulco has been left to deteriorate to the point that few tourists visit there anymore. It is so sad for it was such a wonderful place to vacation.

    I had planned to visit Marina Vallarta again this year, but just under two weeks vacation this year, I didn’t find time . I still remember the last time Loretta and I went to a timeshare presentation there in a just completed and opened high rise hotel. I remember Loretta saying to the timeshare sales person that she would not like to stay there because if there were an earthquake, people could not get out of such a tall building.

    Physic or other, the very next day there was a 7.5 earthquake that lasted for some 5 minutes, and people could not get down the stairs, and with the elevators shut down, people jumped out of the windows. There were body bags everywhere. At our timeshare hotel at the Canto del Sol, people were sitting on the sidewalk curbs after the earthquake crying in fear.

    When the quake ended, I looked out our fifth story window over the tennis courts, and the light poles were waving back and forth, which continued for some minutes. Perhaps the memory of the earthquake and all of those people, is the reason for not going to visit the Marina Vallarta this year.

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