Making a Difference: Jay Sadler Project Update July 2018

By Dennis Rike & Donna Wong

The Jay Sadler Project list continues as we finally have the Salvation Army and DIF New Life Home for Boys in Coapinole within our sights to finish.

We have completed two playgrounds:

Corral del Risco kinder school project in Punta de Mita. This was completed with a 15,000 peso donation from Foundacion Punta de Mita with The Jay Sadler Project matching.

ESC.  Prim. Rural Federal Benito Juarez Los Lomas de Monterrey, Nayarit. Playground purchased and installed.

Future/Ongoing Projects

Kindergarten Manuel de Jesus Clouthier del Rincon, Colonia Las Canadas. This is in partnership with the Navy League.

Volcanes Kids Education Program. Banner 6X3 meters of the solar system for wall (installed).      Painting and repairs to exterior of building.

Children’s Cancer Screening Center (CANICA). Purchase new kitchen cabinets and signage for the roads.

DIF Casa de Dia in Aurora. Building repairs and painting. Big job.

Children’s Bedroom. Build frame and install ½ circle window for local boy with cancer because insects are coming in during the evening hours.    

Playground Rehabilitation in Magisterio. For Rotary Club Puerto Vallarta Sur.

Dives in Misericordia A.C. in Ixtapa.  Applied for 40,000 peso grant to purchase playground and install from Eagle Wings Foundation.

Playground in Vista Hermosa. Fencing where required for the soccer field and volleyball court.

Parque Cora in Colonia Ninos Heroes.  Clean 75 meters of wall and spray paint with graphic art.

Recreation Center in Aurora. Paint and repair fencing and soccer goal post and install picnic tables.

RehaSer Clinic in Puerto Vallarta and Colonia Las Palmas. It is our newest project with Jim Mawdesley and Jim Ranallo heading up the electrical service. They have undertaken to bring the existing electrical service to operational standards while replacing old or nonfunctioning switches, electrical receptacles and ceiling fans. We also are installing twenty-six new light fixtures and wall sconces to add esoteric value to the clinic. This is in addition to painting the complete interior.


Work in progress REHASER CLINICA


REHASER Clinica is an Addiction Clinic that offers personalized attention and treatments for inpatient and out patient services. Unique to the Puerto Vallarta area, there are three treatment models including Residential, External and Outpatient. Located just past Ixtapa in Las Colorado, there services include: Programs for the prevention of addictions; Psychology; Nutrition; Family and/or individual therapy.

Visit for more information.

The Jay Sadler Project is committed to making a difference in local communities, helping to repair and build facilities that support children and disadvantaged people. They provide the necessary resources to improve various institutions in the Banderas Bay area and Puerto Vallarta. These include Day Care Centers, Senior Citizens Homes and Schools for the Disabled, Public Schools in rural areas and other private charitable institutions. They also provide building maintenance, repairs and install playgrounds in the community.

By working with government social agencies (DIF) the Jay Sadler Project better identifies those in need. To volunteer or make a donation, visit online here.