“Magic mirror on the wall, who, now, is the fairest one of all?” asks the Queen in Snow White. When you looked in the mirror this morning, what did you see? A person who is planning a trip to the beach and another day of sloth and indolence with a beer and a book or one who is looking for a new experience and a chance to help people in PV?  

We hope it was the latter because the International Friendship Club (IFC) has a deal for you. Every Tuesday and Wednesday morning at 10:30 buses leave the Sea Monkey on the Malecon at Aquiles Serdan and whisk you away to four spectacular homes, artfully decorated (all with mirrors) and built on craggy outcrops above the ocean or tucked away in behind walls that provide privacy and seclusion. 

You could find yourself climbing up and down stairs and walking on cobbled streets, so please be careful and wear “sensible” shoes. Our docents are with you to give information, not triage! 

Tickets on the luxury buses cost a miserly $700 pesos, which is cheap for most North Americans vacationing in PV, but goes a long, long way when used to buy medical supplies, school supplies or dental treatment for kids. All of the profits of the IFC from the Home Tours go to support these programs and charities. 

Tickets are available in advance at and at the IFC office (located above HSBC bank on Insurgentes by the river bridge).