Lyme Disease: Dr. Omar Morales

A little over a year ago when I began working with Dr. Omar Morales who is a “tick-born disease specialist” (Lyme disease), I said to him: “You have no idea what is coming”. We had just begun receiving a few patients diagnosed with Lyme disease with people travelling to Puerto Vallarta and staying here for a 6-7 week treatment. I think he did not believe me. Now a year later, I still say to him “You have no idea what is coming”.
In the past year he has treated “Lymies” (as they are called) from all over North America, Australia and Europe.
And there will be many, many more as various, well-respected Lyme disease physicians are now sending their patients here for treatment by Dr. Omar.
His staff has tripled. He is building a new clinic.
There is now a wait not just for a phone consult with Dr. Omar but for a date to schedule treatment to begin. Not a super-long wait but a wait.
Dr. Omar is the only physician in all of Mexico who is a member of ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society). He recently attended the ILADS conference in Philadelphia, connecting even further with worldwide specialists. I do not claim to understand everything about Lyme disease and/or the treatments.
This is a learning process for me. When I asked Dr. Omar: “In layman’s terms and as simple and short as possible, please explain what Lyme disease is”. He says: “Lyme disease is a world-wide infectious disease caused by microscopic bacteria carried by ticks.”
For the best explanation, I recommend that you watch the video (on YouTube) “Under Our Skin”. Link: There is also a second part out now called “Emergence”.
The connection between Lyme disease and Alzheimer’s (IMHO) is fascinating. The patients are intense.
The treatment is intense. The work is intense. Do we have Lyme disease cases in the area? Since 2007, four cases were reported by an associate researcher at the Infectious Disease Research Unit in Mexico City.
The four patients who had received tick bites while visiting forests in Mexico had skin lesions that met the case definition for Lyme disease which tested positive to immunological testing. Currently there is no updated information but more importantly, only a few doctors recognize the disease and even fewer study it. Ticks have no boundaries or borders. There are other associated diseases.
I am not writing about this to have people live in fear of getting Lyme disease! I choose to write about Dr. Omar Morales, who though at times, drives me absolutely insane for various reasons (he is so busy) but to give a huge shout out and bravo to him and how very proud I am to be associated with him.
Medical tourism is not only people coming here for plastic surgery and such, but for something as debilitating as Lyme disease. People who have been given the run-around for years and as well, have suffered for years, now have Dr. Omar Morales to give them some hope.
Again, we have some stellar physicians here! Website: Have a dazzling week!

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