Los Mangos Library: Social and Cultural Activities For All

Biblioteca Los Mangos offers a wealth of classes and activities to suit everyone, whatever your age or ability. From Cuban salsa classes to piano lessons, all year our dedicated team of experts are on hand to help you learn that new skill or share your hobby with our friendly community of enthusiasts.  All classes are suitable for non-Spanish speakers and are a perfect way for the expat community of Vallarta to immerse themselves in their local community.

At the library there a range of dance classes to satisfy all interests. Those interested in developing a variety of dance skills should seek out our creative dance class. Creative dance is a technique incorporating a plethora of different training techniques such as gymnastics, acrobatics, and dance disciplines such as ballet, jazz, and contemporary tap.

For a more relaxing experience, Osho is a way to leave behind the stresses of the day and connect with your inner peace. Based on the spiritual teachings of guru Rajneesh it teaches you how to be an ‘observer of the mind.’  In this form of meditation, you will ‘breathe, release, mantra and observe’ your way to a healthier mind.

Love independent cinema?

The library currently runs a cinema club starting at 7pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, run by a different host each night. However, if you would like to start your own club, we have Mondays and Thursday available! All we ask is that you make a small donation to the library and we will provide you with your chosen films and our library cinema.

Book Club

During the first Wednesday of every month, for five months, the library will be hosting a book club (in English). This club is limited to 12 members and will take place from 7.30pm-9.00pm. Each month a book will be chosen by its members and will focus on literature from around the world. Please contact Gabriela Garcia to register: gael2119@hotmail.com.

The following activities are available to start immediately – yoga, tai chi, salsa, Zumba, sign language, manga, history of art and photography. For all other activities, please register by the 15th of December to start the first week of January.

Our clubs and activities for adults include:



    Singing and musical theatre

    Dance: aerial, creative, folk, Hindu, salsa, Zumba

    Artistic drawing

    Manga drawing


    History of art


    Mexican sign language

    Osho meditation


    Tai Chi

    Painting: techniques, oil.



    Cinema club

    Reading club


10am-6pm (322) 224-9966

Francisco Villa 1001, Los Mangos

For more details on each activity/club, please access our website: www.bibliotecalosmangos.org/talleres.