Los Colibries, Hummingbirds

As you might already be aware, the Tile Park has two hummingbird pieces: one using light colors, the other dark. These two offerings are meant to pay homage to the duality in all of us… the light and the dark… just like the two vortexes <https://www.tileparkpv.com/blog/our-venerable-vortexes>.
Much of the Park’s underlying design plays on this light/dark/yin/yang dynamic. Here, in a place that is accepting of all people, there is space for and acknowledgement of both energies.
You know that old saying about not being able to appreciate the light without the dark? This rings true for us. So we make space for both in the park, giving a nod to both, whenever possible.

Hummingbird Symbolism
Light, quick and graceful, who doesn’t love hummingbirds? A symbol of courage, determination, flexibility and adaptability, their appearance is always a welcome one! They feel like little buddies, somehow.
Hummingbirds also symbolize love… the charming, flirty, come hither kind of love. Their magical wings flit ever so gently, inviting you to follow wherever they lead. Keeping hummingbird images, figurines, or even the real thing around you in your everyday life, will invite more of that playful kind of love into your sphere. And since we happen to have two of them, Romeo, you could probably just hang out in the park a lot and be all set. Yawelcome.
Some hummingbird species migrate each year across thousands of miles of open ocean. Some reach as far north as Alaska before their annual pilgrimage is complete. During the whole flight they don’t ever stop, they just learn to slow down. So, where spirit animals are concerned, hummingbirds are noted for their endurance.
Interestingly when they make these annual migrations, they return to the exact same place year after year (sound familiar, snowbirds?) so in this way they also symbolize respect for the beloved places we call our own. Loyalty. Our home(s).
Native American folklore attributes similar meanings to the hummingbird. Joy, speed, and endurance are the qualities their symbolism plays on the most. They also believe that spirits of loved ones who have passed on are carried by hummingbirds. Here in Vallarta we have an abundance of hummingbirds, and we’ve had to say farewell to a lot of friends too. What a sweet reminder for us – that light and dark making an appearance once again – enriching our lives. Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.
The hummingbird’s main symbolic power revolves around movement. They migrate long distances. Their impossibly fast wings spark curiosity. They visit the same places over and over, developing a unique loyalty for those spots. They can fly backward, and stop on a dime.
Yes, they are masters of movement, of the purposeful direction of their energy.
Their maneuverability knows no bounds, and is matched only by their endurance.
Our spirit animal, the hummingbird. May they bring you joy, peace and strength.
Be sure to check them out next time you visit the Tile Park! You can usually find them along the west end.