Award winning musical group comes to the stage: Los Bambinos!

Los Bambinos announce NEW shows at Bambinos Trattoria!

The four Morales Brothers are thrilled to announce their new season of shows and fun at the hip Dinner & Show location: Bambinos Trattoria. Founded on the theme of great music and fabulous food, Los Bambinos offer five weekly shows full of musical harmony, tasteful instrumentation and the family-love that they are well known for.

After over a decade performing Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone, Los Bambinos have become quite expert at blending Rock and Roll favorites with Latin selections. Their complete show is set in the tradition of acoustic guitar and four-part vocal harmony. Their father lovingly set the brothers in the discipline of music from the time the brothers could hold a standard-size guitar.


Los Bambinos NEW concerts

Monday night/ 8 pm |HOTEL CALIFORNIA

Enjoy an evening with songs by The Eagles. The Eagles repertoire offers smooth harmonies and songs that capture an era, bringing back great memories for the group and listeners alike


Tuesday/ 8 pm / Bohemian Rhapsody

This is a QUEEN revival show. The QUEEN revival show is a great musical challenge for the group with complex harmonies and sophisticated instrumentation. Full of energy and rhythm, this show will make you vibrate as you experience a night full of vocals.


Wednesday Night/ 8 pm| The Beatles

Growing up listening to the Beatles, The Morales brothers bring their own four-part harmonies to the stage playing a show of classics. Los Bambinos harmonies and instrumentalization perfectly captures the sound of one of the most recognized groups in musical history. Wednesday’s theme show brings to life songs such as Hard Day’s Night, Here, there and Everywhere and Ticket to Ride. “Los Bambinos are better than Vegas!” -Tony, Chicago.


Thursday Night /8 pm/ Music Legends

Los Bambinos take you on a music tour offering a great compilation of the world’s most emblematic tunes from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80, and more! Revive those memories and experience a fun and touching evening of a spectacular selection of artists.



Come on down for a full evening of Latin music in their famous Latin Music Show! This concert brings you the heart of Latin American music that is an intimate part of Los Bambinos’ own musical history. In this performance, the group showcases their musical upbringing performing traditional Mexican music, contemporary favorites like Carlos Santana, and Gypsy Kings flamenco along-side rhythmic selections by artists such as Celia Cruz.


Saturday nights/8 pm/ November 16th, 30th/ ROCKING THE BLUES by Rhonda Padmos & Don Pope


Enjoy an impeccable talent on stage! Canadian musicians Rhonda and Don, who have been performing in Vallarta since the early “90”s bring to you a show that will excite all your senses with a performance full of magic and masterpieces on piano and guitar! Expect to hear music from Eric Clapton, B.B.King, Bonnie Raitt, Janis Joplin, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Aretha Fanklin, Billie Holiday, J.J. Cale, Ray Charles, and many more.


Mark your calendar for any of the nightly performances and experience a memorable Dinner & Show. Bambinos Trattoria is the perfect place to enjoy the tradition of music in Vallarta. Please reserve early, as seating is limited. Bambinos Trattoria is located at Aguacate #314, at the corner of Carranza street in Old Town Puerto Vallarta. Reserve now at 222-4357 (English Spoken). Buy tickets Online at See you at Bambinos Trattoria!