Lobo is back…and Treating Us to Wonderful Flamenco Guitar Performances with Esaú Galván!

After a tranquil summer in the beautiful woods of Vermont with his wife and family, the renowned flamenco guitarist Wolfgang “Lobo” Fink is back in Puerto Vallarta for a few very special concerts.  He will perform in both Incanto in Puerto Vallarta and Jardin del Pulpo in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, with his young friend the talented master flamenco guitarist, Esaú Galván. 

The two men met when Esaú was a youngster in La Cruz. He sought out Lobo to help him with some difficult guitar techniques he wanted to master.  Lobo, a legendary flamenco guitarist from Bavaria had studied flamenco guitar with the gypsies in France and Spain and created a stir in Europe with the music before moving to Mexico. Lobo became Esaú’s mentor greatly influencing his career.  They became friends.  The pair have collaborated in concerts together in the past few years with stunning results as Lobo y Jaguar and Lobo y Esaú at River Cafe on the River Cuale, at Incanto Vallarta and, in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle’s Tree House Bar at Jardin del Pulpo. 

On January 13 at 7:00 PM Lobo and Esaú will put on a spectacular show at Incanto at Insurgentes #109 in Puerto Vallarta.  The show will take place in the spacious and comfortable Cabaret Theater.  I plan to join friends for drinks or a light dinner on the outdoor deck overlooking the River Cuale before the show or enjoy drinks and food during the performance.  We will most certainly be treated to an unforgettable performance of improvised flamenco guitar music. As Lobo likes to tell us, we will hear music we have never heard before and will never hear again.   

Lobo and Esaú will then thrill audiences with two performances at the Tree House Bar in their hometown of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle on January 21st and February 2nd.  There they are known as Lobo y Jaguar, animal names given them in the huichol tradition by local fans who have followed them for years.  The Tree House Bar is an outdoor patio venue under the canopy of an ancient Huanacaxtle tree.  Owners María de Jesús and Alfredo Jimenez will see to it that guests are well fed and well cared for during these wonderful performances.  

Lobo has also been known to join Esaú at Babel Bar (Aquiles Serdan #437 on the River Cuale) where Esaú plays from 1-3 on Tuesdays.  Drop by and see if you can catch them for a preview. 

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to hear this talented duo collaborate again with unequaled improvised Flamenco guitar!  Only three concerts scheduled for 2019!