Lobo & Esau


Thursday, January 10: Rodolfo’s next performance at Coco Tropical. Vallarta’s blind-from-birth tenor sings from 6 to 8:30 pm, every Thursday and Sunday evenings until the end of season. Reservations are virtually required if you want a table! 

Thursday, January 10: Spencer Day opens at Incanto’s Piano Bar 7:30 pm. This delightful young man is becoming increasingly important internationally as a ‘crooner.’ When I first him, a few years ago at the Palm I couldn’t put the word ‘crooner’ to the face/body/style I saw on the stage. But if you close your eyes and listen to Spencer’s voice and let it soften your heart and soothe you to the bottom of your feet, he could be any age. In reality, he is charmingly ageless and by no means a ‘softy.’ He can be an immensely funny lyricist and great pianist as well. Go and see him at least once during his run until the 24, at Incanto. He is fabulous! 

Friday, January 11: Tony Collantez opens his exhibition “Cromosemiotica” at Art VallARTa on Pilitas at the top of Olas Altas Street. Openings at Vallarta’s most exciting gallery/working studio/school/art supply store are nothing if not legendary. Go witness Tony’s latest and be in awe of this master painter. 

Sunday, January 13: Lobo and Esau together onstage at Incantoat 7 pm. Lobo is well known in Vallarta as the flamenco-guitar-playing-half of “Willie and Lobo.” Since Willie’s passing just a couple of years ago, Lobo has been onstage locally with Geo Urich (on violin) and later with Latcho and Andrea. Esau is classically trained and stars in “Tatewari” in Nayarit. These two playing flamenco together will go down in Vallarta’s musical history vaults as….what? I will let you know next week. This is a single performance so get your tickets yesterday. 


Mick and Keith, a Concert Tribute to the Rolling Stones, at Incanto, January 2. “So how long have we been married Keith?” asked Michael Danckertas Mick Jagger to his guitar playing Paul Martin’s Keith Richards. “Over 50 years, mate”. The theatre was full of Stones fans who were thrilled to sing along – especially the opening half of the concert that was dedicated to the first five years of RS greatest hits. Wow. 1966 was a good year; it was very cool to relive musically. You will see Michael Danckert’s name again in these pages soon – he is returning to Incanto January 23rd in Tribute to Roy Orbison. Michael premiered his Roy O at El Rio BBQ a couple of seasons ago. I was there and could not believe my ears. After his concert, he asked me if he had done ‘okay,’ then explained it was his first public Orbison tribute. What I had just heard was someone channeling the Big O. So, yes, Michael, you did ‘okay.’ Again, this Tribute to Roy Orbison is one night only – January 23:  be there. 

Douglas Lucas and Michael Walters, aka Miss Dame Edna, strolled into Marsol Friday Market last week on their way to the beach to promote their final shows at the Palm. A couple of weeks back I wondered aloud in one of my columns why Michael’s voice was ‘better.’ The answer is: Michael lost a bunch of weight, and his new richer voice emerged. I do hope they are back in Vallarta soon. 

If you are looking for reviews on Opening Nights for “Rodolfo,” “Miss Margarida’s Way” and ”The Clean House” please see my other column From Here in this issue.  


Marcia Blondin