Living on a Golf Course in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta offers a lot of unique golf course residence options with gorgeous vistas of rolling green lawns, the lush Sierra Madres and the Bay of Banderas. Many a golfer dreams of living right on the fairway, just steps away from a satisfying game of golf. Some of the local options include:
Marina Vallarta Golf Course, Puerto Vallarta
El Tigre, Nuevo Vallarta
Flamingos, Nuevo Vallarta
Mayan Palace, Nuevo Vallarta
The Four Seasons,
Punta de Mita
Litibu, on the highway between Punta Mita and Sayulita
Things too keep in mind when choosing a property adjacent to a golf course:
Think about the lawn maintenance schedule. Assume that the lawns are cut in the morning before people start heading out to play, often before sunrise. Considering that everything grows quickly in this balmy climate, and that they will definitely be cutting daily, you might awaken to the sound of mowers. If this is an issue for you, and if you like to sleep in late, look for a property that has your bedroom farther away from the greens that require more maintenance. A lot of people now also like to use white noise machines and earplugs to block out some of the sound.
Where are the cart paths? If they are nearby your property of choice, you may be looking at a privacy issue, especially if the carts are quite visible from your home. Many golf course properties are built in a strategic way, with high hedges, bamboo, decks and fountains, to block the view of golf carts going to and fro. Potentially expect to pay a little more the farther you go from the cart paths.
Where are the tee boxes and greens? Pay attention to this when hunting around, as you are guaranteed to have more action and noise in these areas. You might want to spend some time adjacent to a property to see what the noise and traffic level is like. You may also consider that all golfers are not professionals and some balls may veer way off the course—like your back yard—if you are in direct line from the tee box or where the average landing area is in relation to your home. A hooked or sliced ball may be a common visitor in your yard. These errant balls may also lead to a broken window from time to time.
Home Owners Association. Check the rules and regulations carefully to see what type of modification and maintenance is restricted. The owners probably want to keep the look and feel of a golf course, so you may not be able to make certain additions and changes. This includes the color that you paint your house, and other outdoor accessories. There may even be landscaping restrictions, such as the type of flora that you plant, and how you are keeping up with your gardening maintenance.
If you golf, you probably already know that many non-golfing activities, such as walking, jogging and a pickup game of soccer are restricted on golf courses. Keep this in mind, if any of the non-golfers in your family are looking for alternate recreation.
Tee up!
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