Live from the Red Room

By Marcia Blondin

Another famous sister of a famous sister is coming to the Red Room. First it was Lorna Luft; this week Barbra Streisand’s sister, Roslyn Kind, arrives. Another new voice (for me) is Bonnie Kilroe. Both Roslyn and Bonnie are here for a very short time so get tickets quickly. Bonnie is one of those rare entertainers: a female impersonator that is female. She is only my second! Why, oh why, do female impersonators not pack houses like male female impersonators? I’m just askin’!
Bonnie’s energy level is set on ‘high’ then she gets warmed up and it’s blast off time! Her costume changes are fast and furious and while she does some voice standards like Barbra and Cher there are some quirky appearances by Mae West (including vintage….really vintage, film footage) and Sarah Palin. Not sure those two names should be spoken in the same breath…. Get to her show March 6, 8 and 10th for something completely different. Bonnie is very, very funny and super-nice. I very much enjoyed her show.
I have a request to all impersonators male or female: if you are good enough to sing exactly like someone else, please give us ONE SONG in your own voice. Obviously that can’t work for everyone – Miss Conception, for example; however, think Michael Walters as Dame Edna and his jaw-dropping rendition of “Old Man River” in his richly coloured baritone. Just a suggestion.
I finally saw Kim Kuzma’s new show that plays every Wednesday night at 9:30. It’s hard to say anything about Kim that hasn’t already been said. She is a delight to watch, bright and happy and so comfortable on stage; her energy calms everyone as she invites the audience to sing along, dance along, to many of her very favourite songs. She is without artifice of any kind. She loves what she does and that emanates from her like pure white light. She includes a few tunes from her amazing Acustico show that is packed every single Sunday night. And the rest of the songs? Well, they are “Just Kim”.
I also made a Banderas Bay Jazz Allstars concert last week.
I have seen them many times before but never in the Red Room and wondered could the space contain all that powerful sound? Oh yes, it can! What a delightful reunion we had after close to a year of not seeing one other. As I am not a jazz fan, I was totally blown away by these four masterful musicians who have been playing for decades and decades…just not with one another! It sounds like they all grew up in the same house. Wrong. Not even the same countries! They met here, started playing together and they are so good that I once wrote that I would happily sit through 90 minutes of Jingle Bells if it was them playing. As always, they end their concerts with Europa from Last Tango in Paris – soulful and very sexy. Just like the movie. Their next concert is March 6th; be there.
Cashetta is back with new magic tricks. I shouldn’t call them tricks, she is just magical. Her new MAGIC is so amazing. I think what I love about Cash so much is she is always gently kidding her audiences about her abilities like maybe she can pull the trick off or…maybe she can’t. And she really is physic and you don’t have to believe me just because I write it, believe me by seeing. Even then you won’t believe it but go anyway!
Jason Brock, star on the X-Factor, TV, films and more has bidden us farewell for now. Come back soon, Jason! As one man in the audience said after the Roslyn Kind show, Vallarta has come a long, long way in a very short time to offer the level of sophisticated performances it does. From an around-the-world tour with sister Barbra to our intimate Red Room, Vallarta is lucky to have such a consummate performer in our midst. The physical similarities between the sisters are striking – both beautiful, gifted and I can honestly say Ms. Kind is as sweet as she looks and she gives good hug. There was not room for one more chair in the Red Room and everyone left smiling and happy to have been a part of the Opening Night of this special and lovely singer.
Welcome to Vallarta, Ms. Kind, we hope you will enjoy your stay as much as we love having you.

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  1. Regarding not sure if the film actress Mae West and the political actress Sarah Palin should be used in the same sentence, both were great women with great accomplishments. Sarah Palin was a supervisor on a city council , the Mayor, the state Governor, and Republican candidate for President of the United States. This was good enough for me to vote for her as Vice President. Besides, she is beautiful in appearance and in spirit.

    I liked Tina Fay’s impersonation of Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live TV. Tina is good looking also and a great personality. And I am not a fan of Jazz either.

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