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You do not require a account in order to post an event onto our Events Listing calendar.

  1. Enter the name of the event in the Event Name field.
  2. Mark the following box if the event is a recurring event (Olas Altas Farmer’s Market as an example), which will automatically create listings for each of the days of the event.
  3. Set the date(s) of the event using the calendar that pops up in the date fields.
  4. Set the location of the event. You can begin by typing the business name where the event is being held (Casa Karma as an example) or the address, and a pop-down menu will appear with locations to select from. The rest of the address fields will auto-populate when you select a location from the pop-down.. and a map should appear to the right of the location fields.
  5. Add any details about the event into the text field that follow the location.
  6. Select from one of the pre-defined categories.
  7.  Upload a photo to be used as the event’s featured image. Click Upload file to have a pop-up window appear to select an image from your computer. The file name will appear next to the Upload file button once it has been selected.
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