Life in the Slow Lane – Peace Out

As we approach the end of another glorious “high season”, I turn my mind to saying goodbye.  Not because I’m leaving, but because all the ‘snowbirds’ will soon be taking flight, off to their northern homes.  The end of March means, for many of our area’s visitors, an end to the winter escape.  For many I notice it can be a reflective time.

Albeit, after months of happy hours, live theatre, dinners with new and old friends, volunteering, swimming, sunning and exploring, most people are ready to get back home.  Life in USA or Canada waits, along with spring pruning, summer BBQs and eventually Mother Nature’s brilliant display of ever-changing autumn leaves.

We’ll miss you, and you will equally miss being here.  Remember what you’re coming back for.  Do you find you are more relaxed while staying in Vallarta-Riviera Nayarit?  Of course you do.  Do you dance and sing along with the crowd, perhaps stepping outside of your “normal” comfort zone?  Of course you do.  Vacationing will do that for you.  It’s an awakening of the senses that we store away, a clearing of the cobwebs.  Perhaps a feeling of the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders. Margaritas will do that for you, too.  Hurry back.

While away, please don’t wonder how to stop the speaker trucks, please don’t wonder how to quiet the roosters, please don’t wonder how to edit the menus and pamphlets so they read proper English spelling and grammar.  Who cares?  When you read the menu, you know what is meant…why change it?  Chikn tacos sounds rather tasty actually.

I’ve come to be quite comfortable with letting go of the corporate life, letting go of stresses and pressures, letting go of rules and regulations, letting go of deadlines, (dear editor: just kidding).  It’s all part of the charm here, isn’t it?  It’s all part of arriving here, suddenly rethinking life to be quaint and relaxed.

I hope wherever you’re returning to has fully sprung into spring, with fresh green buds, birds chirping, water trickling down the streets and flowers peeking from under the late and final snowfall.

So, I won’t say goodbye but instead, “Adios Amigos, TTFN, sayonara, catch you later, saludos cordiales, travel safe, stay well”.  Embrace your family and friends upon your return and hold them close until Banderas Bay beckons once again.

As they say in Mexico, “We’ll be waiting for you”.