Life in La Cruz: Loving People Help La Cruz Children Be the Best They Can Be

“Love begins by taking care of the closest ones – the ones at home.” Mother Theresa.

Let me introduce you to people who make a difference to children and their families in our tiny pueblo of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.

Fiona Clark teaches at the primary school. Children inspire Fiona; her mission is to open their eyes to a bigger (and hopefully better) world, “They can shape their own future!” She especially loves teaching the five to nine-year-old age group. Bringing the world of nature, art and culture into the mundane subjects inspires Fiona; children want to learn!

Carmen Tapia is an educator, volunteering originally at the primary school and now at the Kids Club in La Cruz; her mission is to teach children RESPECT for themselves first, to others, and to the environment. “Children are the future citizens of this world. They need to be prepared to take better care of themselves and our planet as we have neglected both. “The ‘greatest feeling’ is “When children are so empowered by their own improvements that they carry themselves in a very different way, very sure of themselves; their character is transformed. I know in my heart that I’ve positively impacted their life forever.” One child wrote Carmen a letter; “I come to school every day because you are here” She’s kept that! Carmen says; “Children should not have to pay for adult mistakes. They are innocent.”

Jason Foster Barnes works with children with the mission that they feed on new experiences with no inhibitions or prejudices; they are the future generation on this planet. He says, “What is sown today is tomorrow’s harvest.” One of Jason’s passions is working with children to learn rugby. He says “Five to thirteen are the best ages to start training kids to play rugby.’ He’s inspired by the smiles on kids’ faces when they realize that everything can be achieved. There’s a little girl in town who participated at a past summer camp and to this day when she sees me in the street she has a big smile on her face and yells RUGBY as a way of saying hello to me”.

Mayra Franco is Coordinator at the Summer Camp. This year her daughter, Fiona, will be teaching art and recycling. Myra has fun with the children believing there’s lots to learn from them; the way they solve problems and their easy way, always smiling and having fun with simple things. Mayra and her team work with children three to twelve years old. Her ‘greatest feeling’ working with children was when some children saluted her saying “Hola maestra”.

Barb Sihota a teacher in Richmond BC inspired her students to create heart artwork which she brought to La Cruz, hung on the classroom wall and then taught the kids here to create similar artwork for her to take back for the Richmond children. It was a LOVE and peace exchange. Barb’s inspired to make a difference spreading joy. One of my favorite things was hearing a twelve-year-old girl say, “I love all the people in this class. I love them all in different ways, but I love them all!

Joe Scopazzo, a former soccer/futbol coach in Canada has started a futboI club for the primary school with 100 kids signed up! He enjoys spending time with children; watching them have fun and teaching them an activity is very rewarding. All kids young and old love to kick a ball around.

Our children are our future and one of the basic responsibilities is to care for them in the best and most compassionate manner possible. Nelson Mandela

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