Life in La Cruz: Gloria brings her unique and beautiful designs home to La Cruz

She’s back! After sharing her beautiful clothing designs, art pieces and handmade jewelry with Bucerias, Gloria Martony is returning “home” to La Cruz. She told me, “My shop will have a different focus selling only my own line of “hand painted” one-of-a-kind clothing. Also, I will display my latest floral paintings and have a new collection of earrings along with my classic styles. I’m excited to share my expanded collection of exotic pearl pieces that includes necklaces, earrings & ankle bracelets; using magnetic clasps on them all. My latest collection of hand-painted “fun & funky” purses & accessories are colorful and unique! My painting workshops will create “addicted painters”!  The workshops will provide everything, including wine, where participants will take home two great paintings or one painting and four tile coasters.”

Years ago Gloria invented the SWIM SAK. At the beach and wanting to swim in the ocean they didn’t know where to keep their valuables safe. Over the next two years she designed a type of purse, unisex, that allows people to “swim with their valuables”; put in anything you want to stay dry, put around your waist & go swimming!  It’s certified to keep dry to depths of 200 feet.  Later she added rhinestones for the “girly types” turning it into an evening bag too. Norwegian Cruise Lines sold them on all their ships for many years.

Never allowing herself to be bored Gloria always has the need for balance in her life. Art creates that balance. “I’ve always had some creation in the works… a large sculpture or a painting.  Color is my emotional expression, and I’ve been designing jewelry for forty years!  Working with wire and beads inspires me; knitted wire & beads, one-of-a-kind items of clothing, beaded vests, silk painted scarfs, accessories and more.”

How’d she got into the clothing business?  “Well, I really wanted to open a shoe store! With size twelve feet I wanted to flood the market with beautiful shoes in ALL SIZES!  Talked out of it by someone in the business I changed my thinking and reviewed my jewelry creations, my collection of clothing and accessories and realized I could open a small shop with my designs. I opened my first shop & decided to add ready to wear clothes. My goal in this business is to help women LOVE their bodies. Getting women beyond their “comfort zone” can be challenging, it’s all about attitude! So many of us see our bodies negatively… I want to help change those feelings.”

Gloria adores La Cruz! “Both Nationals and Expats are warm, friendly & kind! The community is like my extended family. The village of La Cruz is filled with wonderful restaurants and live music everywhere!  It charms you and draws you in. Not too steady on my feet but when that music starts, the endorphins hit my brain, and I want to dance (and I do)! We are so happy living here!  It’s a joy… even on ‘those other days’ it’s paradise.”

“Gloria’s Place” has been welcomed into the community and her desire is that her customers find something different every time… please visit as soon as you can, as ‘older’ merchandise is on sale.

Gloria’s hours will be limited using her time to create beautiful pieces. Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 10:00am – 2:00pm and by appointment, call 322-229-5243

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