Letters to the Editor: Rio Horcones and water issues in Banderas Bay

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write in about the ongoing water issues around Banderas Bay. The Vallarta Tribune always welcomes your letters. 
I sincerely thank those concerned for bringing the water issue to the forefront. Whether you live here full time, part time, or regularly vacation here, you should be seriously invested in this issue. Vallarta’s economy thrives on tourism and the expat community and from what I can gather it is currently a relatively healthy economy. Overdevelopment without major infrastructure improvements, privatization and diversion of water sources for special interests without environment oversight, decreased rainfall, depleting aquifers, poor maintenance of the water and sewage systems will change this community faster than we can imagine. The cost, availability and shortages of water will increase dramatically, tourism will drop, investors will take their losses, people will leave and our beloved community will be fertile ground for criminal dominance. I implore Vallarta’s politicians, agencies, businesses and experts to begin a dialogue with the residents to discuss the status and remedies.
In New Zealand and Australia during times of water shortages, signs are posted in hotel bathrooms explaining the problems and asking guests to help conserve water by taking shorter showers, etc. Hotels could install faucets that turn off automatically. Go online and see what ideas are being used in other countries. Does Vallarta need a small desalination plant like the one in Brisbane Australia. Etc.
Turismo es una importante fuente de ingresos en Puerto Vallarta. Si no se solucionan los problemas ambientales y los problemas de agua potable es muy probable que el turismo se reduzca y miles de trabajadores pierdan sus trabajos. Los mejores planeadores estratégicos y ambientales de Jalisco deberían estar abocados a la importantísima tarea de colaborar con las autoridades de Puerto Vallarta en la solución de los problemas existentes.

Hello,I am writing to express my concerns over the water situation in Puerto Vallarta. Your beautiful area is a precious gem. I know it is hard to balance growth and sustainability, But I ask that you consider the human & environmental factors and seek more consultation and international expertise to manage the drought and sewage issues. Thank you, rose robinson

Very alarmed that Puerto Vallarta’s water supply is in jeopardy. The planning department MUST decide against new, large Condo buildings. Already, Condo buildings in Conchas Chinas have to truck in water daily!!!!!
Climate disaster Dear Editor— In view of the several recent highly negative developments, affecting water and air and fauna of Puerto Vallarta, the need to change our ways is urgent. Don’t forget also snowing—SNOWING—in Guadalajara in the middle of the summer! Some suggestions to think about, to preserve the charm of Puerto Vallarta, we need to stop the new construction of residential complexes and hydroelectric station. We need to introduce solar and wind energy. Let’s keep what we have!!! Smaller is better!!! Pursuing profits will cause us to lose what we have. Anya Kroth
This is important………there should be NO damming of the THE RÍO HORCONES. It is an important free flowing river……. John Galston
I agree with the problems of dam, rivers, water table problems described in the Tribute. Please stop the destruction of our beautiful Jalisco, Mx.
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  1. I would like to add my voice to the Rio Horcones dam proposal. Visitors do not come here to look at condos, but to enjoy the beaches and beauty of Puerto Vallarta and all of Jalisco. Do not let a dam be built for a few condos when it would ruin areas forever. I hope the Mayor and others in Vallarta stay strong and protect the water.
    Candace Sanders

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