Letters to the Editor

Help! I am the voice of many of us on the south side who are experiencing grave problems with internet. Of course we should have contracted a private telephone line years ago with Telmex, but with our Mexican cells and US/Canadian coverage, plus an office landline providing internet in our condo building, we never foresaw the event that there would simply be NO new telephone lines available in the near future. With a transponder apparently damaged in the storms, Telmex’s internet service has been severely compromised this end of town and a gap in signal strength is reportedly the problem. Hence our building, Condominiums Punta Negra, has cut the connections to individual apartments.
We need a reasonable solution in order to restore wireless to our homes and all that entails online (Apple TV, music, Facebook, Netflix, etc.) that we have previously taken for granted in modern times in PV. Yes, I lived here without a phone in 1976, as did most of us locals and visitors but things have changed.
I’m not sure what the new hotel ‘Hyatt/Dreams/Camino Real’ has planned for their guests or the mysterious building rapidly undergoing reconstruction south of Playa Sur, Garza Blanca just down the beach but there will be much more demand on the systems presently in Vallarta.
There is talk of fibre-optics and Telecable strengthening connections but that seems far off. In the meantime we have a bad situation.
Any ideas from tech experts out there that doesn’t involve a 10,000 pesos instalment fee plus 1,200 monthly charges?
/ Peggy Fields