In my recent vacation to Puerto Vallarta, my first contact at the PV Airport was a prior week copy of the Vallarta Tribune; there was a current copy at the check-in counter of the Canto del Sol Timeshare Resort, also at the check-in area of the Plaza Pelicano Timeshare Resort; and at Yesa Jewelry on L.L. Vallarta at Central, where I was able to obtain four prior weeks copy of the Vallarta Tribune, that I took home to San Francisco for my scrapbook.. This was impressive for any newspaper!
My second stop at the Airport was to step outside and catch a blue and white bus to my resort. Traveling alone, and with two carry-on suitcases, I was able to by-pass any inconveniences getting to my lodging. Leaving two weeks later, I caught the bus to the airport, and walked the overpass to the United check-in area.
After reading all summer long on the Internet Vallarta Tribune website of rain, rain and more rain, my 14 days in PV were hot, dry and sunny – thank you.
Money I had saved bringing carry-ons and using the blue and white busses for the two weeks, was available to purchase collectables from friends in PV who look forward to my arrival each year in their shops – again, thank you all.

Frank Norton, San Francisco

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  1. A further comment on my recent vacation in PV, in two weeks of pounding the pavement on foot, I found only one coin on the streets of Puerto Vallarta. A small silver colored metal centavo at a bus stop. When I arrived back in San Francisco I went on my usual post retirement walk along my shopping district to get a copy of the daily San Francisco Examiner, and found a small silver dime.

    Actually each following day I have found pennies, dimes and quarters … up to nineteen coins a day. You might say that the streets are lined with metal coins – or that they are practically valueless.

    However , here is something of value I have just learned. A mechanical engineer ,writer and author who has traveled the world to measure the ancient stone pyramids, discovered while climbing up the stair of the giant stepped pyramid to the east of Mexico City, that the stair step risers are 12 inches, instead of the 7 inches for a man or woman of 5-6 foot height – these step risers were made for a person over 9 foot tall.

    From this and similar measurements made worldwide, he has deduced that stepped pyramids were built by the giants, and for the giants gold operations, and shaped as a tribute to the collection of placer gold from the rivers and streams with a stepped sluice box. I have also walked up and down the Mexico City stepped pyramid, and did not notice the difference either going up or down. Both the mechanical engineer and my wife did, for they both went down the steps sitting down, while I was able to go down without support standing up.

    Bones of these giants were found in a blocked cave entrance to a bone pile, next to the U.S. border, that had skeletons of people up to 11 foot tall..

  2. Regarding the ancient builders of the pyramids, the mechanical engineer mentioned above said that when he searched in the U.S Congressional records, information provided about them included that they had an IQ level of some 1,200 . In the U.S. today, the average for an adult is an IQ of 100. The highest on record in America is an IQ of around 260 (?) by the American newspaper columnist Marilyn von Savant who’s column is “Ask Marilyn”.

    Another notable is the former U.S. President Bill Clinton with an IQ of 186.

    These super smart giants were looking for monatomic gold (ions?). Gold that was white in color, and had different properties than the yellow gold. I cannot find this in my encyclopedia of science & technology, but have purchased jewelry in yellow, rose, green and white gold. They are a mixture of gold, silver and copper in different proportions .

    So, what did the ancient giants use the white monatomic gold for? Gold with different qualities, is white, and can be separated physically into separate individual atoms ? The 6,000 year old Sumerian clay cuneiform tablets indicated to locate them in the upper atmosphere to protect the atmosphere of their home planet from loosing heat, since their atmosphere was heated from heat coming form inside their planet.

    Could this by why both the Vatican and the U.S. Government have built observatories at the South Pole to look for this planet ?

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