Letter to Editor

Dear Madeline,
Seeing that Issue 926 lacked a sports article, please let me provide one from the SF Weekly “Year in Review” article relating to the San Francisco Giants third world series win in three years … that just might interest your readers.
“In front of an ebullient World Series parade crowd of several hundred thousand, baseball savant Madison Bumgarner drawled, ‘ I love those signs back there. Those are great’ . One of the signs in question depicted the head of Fox announcer Joe Buck. The other was a massive, orange penis emblazoned with three World Series rings”.
The other … “The Panda: Pablo Sandoval got a better deal from the Boston Red Sox, which is all fine and good, but what the city will miss are the adorable panda hats, that may soon reach extinction” .
The panda, of course, is the Giant’s third baseman that came from a baseball team in Mexico.

Frank Norton
San Francisco CA USA

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  1. It was the Giants third world series champion in 6 years. Second Sandoval did not get a better deal from Boston. The Giants offered the same amount. In Boston he can be a designated hitter.

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