Let’s Hear from You: First Person Expat Interviews

By Fabien Madesclaire

Puerto Vallarta really seems to be brimming over with talent these days. This week, Lindsay Prime Mayer of Vallarta Food Tours talked with us about here experience as an expat, small business owner, wife and mother of an adorable nine –month-old baby boy.

When did you first come to Vallarta?
About 6 ½ years ago. My aunt purchased a property in Mismaloya and I came down for a visit. At the time I was living in Denver and felt like I needed a new adventure. I’ve always loved to travel, and had recently returned from living for a year in Japan.
Vallarta seemed pretty nice, so I decided to quit my job in Denver and try to make a go of it down here.

Did you plan on working here?
Yes. I was working in commercial banking in the United States, so I’d looked into working for Mex-Lend down here. I took a couple of weeks to travel around Mexico and study Spanish, but then the economic crash hit, and my employment plans fell through. At that point I took an apartment for a few months, and really grew to love Vallarta.
Then I traveled back to the US and worked. I came down to visit my aunt again, met my future husband Paul and never left. That was four years ago.
What inspired you to start the food tour?
My husband Paul and I were up in Chicago and we went on a food tour and that’s where I got the idea.
Paul, is an entrepreneur and has always been a real inspiration. He currently runs Bang-On T-shirts over across from Ley.

Are you pretty passionate about food and cooking?
I love food, and have always made it a real focus in my travels.
I feel really strongly about our food tours, and am dedicated to helping dispel a lot of the myths about Mexico. What better way to teach people about the culture here than through a food tour?
It’s been very rewarding having people contact me and tell me how much they enjoyed their experience here.
I’m very proud of our tour, and I feel strongly about supporting the local businesses. Therefore, we always pay full price for all of the food on our tour. We won’t accept discounts.

How have you successfully marketed your business here?
TripAdvisor, word of mouth and online social media presence. We are currently ranked as the #2 food tour here in town. Also, the new trend in culinary tourism has been great. A lot of people are curious and want to learn about food and traditions. People are really educating themselves.

How do you balance running a business and being a parent here?
I wear a lot of hats at my business: accounting, marketing, human resources, social networking, etc. plus I’m active with the Young Professionals Network on Facebook (Lindsay is the founder) and with the Mamas in PV group, which was started by Nicole Martin. She’s a real superwoman!
I’m lucky, because I have a flexible schedule, and I’m able to take our son everywhere. Too, help is very affordable here, so I have someone who takes care of the baby to give me time to work on the business.

What part of town do you live in?
We live just up the hill here from Paul’s shop in Cinco de Diciembre. I’ve always lived downtown. With the baby now I’ve been thinking more about living on flat ground, maybe something with a yard.
We’re currently renting. I would consider buying if a good deal came along.

What do you see for the future of Vallarta and Mexico?
I feel a little frustrated with the high rents for business owners here in town, hopefully that will change in time.
I’m very optimistic about the future of Mexico. I think the new generation is very devoted to innovation and progress.

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