La Cruz’s recycling Queen Welcomes back Amigos.

Living in La Cruz

Cindy Bouchard,

Line Bureau is a warrior for La Cruz! When I asked why she does so much for her adopted homeland she told me her passion is kids and their kids; the future of La Cruz!


With the help of others Line has taken charge of creating a refreshing new concept that isn’t as volunteer focused as previous years. Reserve your space now for Fiesta Mexicana where the Amigos de La Cruz board members welcome everyone back to high season in the most colorful way. As well as the ten-piece Huanacaxtle Musical band there will be fun games, prizes and lots of food. To be sure everyone gets served in a timely fashion there will be snacks on the table and stations where you can get your own beverages. Dinner will be served ‘family style’ offering delectable options such as Mediterranean quinoa salad, stuffed chicken breast, shrimp, grilled veggie skewers, grilled stuffed portobello mushrooms and more. The dessert includes a presentation by local churro makers creating just for you! If all that sweetness isn’t enough you can dunk your churro in chocolate sauce!


Five years ago, Line took over the recycling duties when there were 30 containers (300 kilos of plastic). Today there are 135 (1200 kilos of plastic) and she’s adding more as I write. She and her team then took over cleaning and maintaining the section of highway going thru La Cruz. They do garbage pickup, trimming of the palms and bougainvillea’s, cutting the grass, maintaining the Glorieta – the circle at Coral and Langosta and general cleanup of our town. Line says she enjoys looking after her ‘second garden’ but the connection and appreciation from La Cruz residents keeps her going! She told me “Some days I come home crying of JOY. I delight in kids throwing plastic in ’Paloma’, my truck. Other days, I admit, I cry in frustration but fortunately the days of joy are more abundant! I feel I make a difference now, but I can always do more! My goals include having clean streets and beaches and education of why recycling is good for us all. I wish for everyone to understand what’s happening in the world and for us all to do our part to make the world better!”


Taking on the presidential role as no one else stepped up, Line credits those who came before her for inspiration; Philo Hayward, Steve Cross and David Hibbard. She says she’s learned most of the need from ‘being on the street’. She thanks her teams; the winter team of visiting expats; Terry, Kathy and Garry and her summer team of resident expats; John and Will. Line says her Spanish improves daily and Cecilio and his crew have taught her the most important lesson “No pasa nada” which translates to “Everything will be alright”.


The board members who continue with their love and support of La Cruz are Amy Welch, Patricia Spencer, Lynn Bailey, Berenice Eugenia Uribe Guijarro and Dave Albert.


All funds raised go back into La Cruz and the kids. The Tree House Bar was selected because they bring the best music to La Cruz… and as Line says “because they are amazing! They are truly the best venue for the Welcome Back Party!” Fundraising for this event include ticket sales, an online auction, an onsite silent auction and a gorgeous piece of art that Nancy Hache and the Kids Klub Kiddos created and much more. Tickets are 550 pesos per person. Purchase tickets for Saturday, December 7th and learn more about the good works of these volunteers at




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Cindy Bouchard, an expat Canadian runs a Boutique Hotel, Villa Amor del Mar, in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. She and her husband Chris are living and lovin’ in Vallarta–Nayarit. If you want more info on La Cruz or desire… A very special vacation contact Cindy via