La Cruz Characters – Areceli & Sergio

In all my writing of what I call ‘characters’, the fine people that make up La Cruz, this is the first time that all that I covet have come together in one delightful couple. I’m thrilled to write about Araceli and Sergio.

I love LOVE; when I see folks truly and unconditionally loving each other my heart purrs. Food and the preparation of it and conversations about the flavours are almost as divine to me as tasting the morsels of goodness. I adore great music and I cherish my new home and all that is Mexico.

I first met Araceli at Philo’s bar where she worked and one night took to the stage. Certainly not Philo’s regular repertoire but as he did, he gave a performer a chance. I was mesmerized! Araceli belted out Cucurrucucú Paloma, a traditional Mexican song, performed with a voice of an angel.

She and her husband, Sergio put together a band. Together they make great food at Iguanas Garden restaurant at the town square, and consider success beyond the monetary, “when there’s more atmosphere, when we see more foreigners there’s more life in the village,” they shared with me.

Araceli says, “I couldn’t have dreamt of the life I live today! We fell in love doing what we both like.” I’ve watched this consistent lady of my community quietly making a difference.

I asked Araceli and Sergio to tell me about them and their connection to La Cruz. They share that the rewards of all that they do are “their achievements, personal satisfaction and the challenge to continue studying and practicing to be better.” I asked Araceli and Sergio to tell me about them and their connection to La Cruz.

Araceli and Sergio met in church. Araceli was 23 years old when they met. She was from Michoacán moving here on January 6, 2009. “When I was 13 years old, I had my own business selling gas. I was first place in singing and poetry. I always sang in church. Now I cook and sing. My specialty is singing ballads. I’m proud to have built a house, my own home, with Sergio and I have a good job.” Her favourite foods to cook are, “at home enchiladas and at the restaurant, ceviche.” She especially likes the addition of the fish market to La Cruz.

Sergio’s parents, originally from La Cruz, moved to Guadalajara where Sergio was born, returning when he was two.

Sergio studied as a lawyer, met Araceli and pursued his passions for Latin folk music and creating great Mexican food. He likes to make Chilaquiles and playing fútbol. He says, “playing guitar relaxes me; my favorite songs are Piel canela, Bésame mucho and Bagdad. Beyond what Araceli and I do together, sometimes I play with Tatewari and others friends in Puerto Vallarta.”

In the restaurant and when they play their music, their fans are both Mexicans and foreigners. They’d love to keep with the Mexican and La Cruz traditions and wish for all neighbourhoods in La Cruz to have the best public services and for the people to be more aware of their surroundings. Sergio and Araceli are most proud that together they are in control of their time and their lives.

They’d recommend La Cruz to others because it is a quiet, friendly town. They’re inspired “to be better… to live better every day.”

Experience their great music at the La Cruz Inn every Thursday, hire their three piece band they created with Edgar, listen to them in the church or hire them to cater your private dinner. Contact Sergio at

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