Know Your Nodes

Know Your Nodes

My sinus cold was just the tip of the iceberg. Humans have approximately 600 lymph nodes distributed throughout the body, with clusters found in the underarms, groin, neck, chest, and abdomen. Mine were clearly swollen. Honey and saltwater gargles began promptly at the doctor’s order. My curiosity about nodes grew over a few days of rest.


Nodes connect both simple and very complex networks and link systems together like an extension cord. Node examples include Technological and Informational like the World Wide Web, and Social and Biological Networks. The ends of my vibrating ukulele strings are considered nodes.


I learned that our brains’ cognitive activation nodes are where we connect ideas, words, and pictures to which our minds direct our attention. There’s much more to nodes than I imagined.


Complex networks are special because their magnitude shifts our conception of things. We find them intriguing and stimulating such as social networking today. We should think of nodes as points in space.

The two Nodes of the moon, North and South, are points in space-time that describe the orbital path of the moon around the earth. It takes about 18 years for a complete cycle of these Nodes. To Western Astrologists, these two opposite physical Nodes work together in Karmic readings they interpret for us.


Ley lines, though very controversial energy meridians of the earth, are global alignments of landforms. Places of ancient religious or spiritual significance, including man-made structures such as Stonehenge, are found along these straight “paths” or “routes in the landscape.” Archaeologist Alfred Watkins coined the phrase in 1921. He sought to identify ancient trackways in the British landscape. Watkins had theories that these alignments were created for ease of overland trekking and survived over millennia. Nodes, like road signs, were at points of intersection where significant energy power existed.

It was in 1969 that John Michell, a feng shui advocate, wrote The View Over Atlantis using the term “ley lines” in connection with spiritual theories about landforms. He also believed that a mystical network of ley lines existed across Britain.


The earth’s inner molten core produces fissures, volcanoes, and various water formations such as hot springs and geysers. We can feel these enormous energy hot spots in our three-dimensional world, but maybe our limited senses can’t detect higher vibrations of energy? We have no certain explanation at this time of phenomena like Ley Line nodes but just think of trying to explain the Internet or an airplane to someone in the Victorian era.


Sacred geometry and geography, feng-shui, the life force called chi, and people who dowse using a wire or tree branch to locate earth energies defy today’s empirical scientific methods. The adoption of ancient events and writings into modern physics and healing practices speaks volumes about their worth.


We don’t find the earth’s ley lines and nodes discussed in most geography or geology textbooks because many feel they aren’t measurable. We build our roads and train tracks in straight lines where possible. Our nodes of main intersections and railroad stations are planned and aligned, not randomly placed.


Experts cannot agree on which “sacred structures” should be included as aligned sites. Some are obvious choices, such as Stonehenge in England, the great pyramids in Egypt, Machu Picchu in Peru, Australia’s Ayers Rock, China’s Great Wall, along with many castles, churches, prehistoric mounds, and ancient stone monuments.


Do lines and nodes really exist, or are they patterns in our minds? We look skyward at night and connect stars to form the Taurus constellation, the scales of the Libra sign, or the Big Dipper. Mystery or truth? There’s more!


Crop Circles provide an exciting glimpse into one of the most provocative mysteries today involving nodes. If you have read about their occurrences, you know England has the most examples. Yet for over one hundred years, such rapidly formed crop circles have been reported in over fifty countries, and more than ten thousand formations have been documented.


Even with the admitted and obvious hoaxes, the sheer number, complexity, and widespread locations of so many defy explanation within our known technologies. The large, mostly geometric designs are formed in farm fields where plant stems are bent near their base at node points with 45 to 90-degree angles without breaking the stalks. The designs are finely interwoven, flowing in one direction. Geiger counters typically pick up electromagnetic readings within authentic crop circles. This was fascinating, and I wondered if Mexico had such an event? It has.


About 25 kilometers from Mexico City spanning over a vast seven hectares, a massive crop formation appeared overnight in a barley field in Texcoco, on Christmas Eve, 2014. A crowd of over two thousand people joined the authorities viewing the formations. The design delighted people awakening on Christmas morning. Some locals reported seeing bright lights around the area the night before.

So there you have it. My cold is gone, but I’m on the trail of more knowledge about these unexplained phenomena that we can see and feel. As the whales return to Banderas Bay, so to, our clear night skies

are wondrous and stimulate our imagination and creativity.

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