Kindred Connections in ‘La Cruz North’

There’s something so special about the people we’ve met in La Cruz. So special, in fact, that we go out of our way to visit them when ‘back home’ or ‘up north’ as we call it these days. Every summer we travel around visiting family and friends making extra stops to see friends from La Cruz. It’s fun seeing the ‘other way we all live.’ “Up north” some live in sprawling homes, in floating homes, in motor homes, or on boats for the summer; some like Chris and I have summer cabins and others couch-surf. The one thing for sure is that we’ve met the kindest people living ‘abroad’ that are likeminded and love sharing both versions of our lives.

One of our friends invited many of us fellow “La Cruz’ers” to a pool party in Oregon. So many faces that we only see in La Cruz sharing stories, great food and a camaraderie I’ve only experienced since moving to La Cruz. We have visited others in Austin, TX, Victoria, BC, Edmonton, AB, Brandon, MB, Vancouver, BC and WA, Seattle, WA, and more. Hosting folks from La Cruz is wonderful too, exploring new areas wearing ‘way more’ clothes than we see on each other ‘back home’ in La Cruz as we sit around the fire sharing summer vacation stories; it almost feels like going back to school as kids.

Every summer more of our beloved Vallarta bands visit Canada, this year bringing Tatewari, La Trez Cuartoz and The Gecko Band. Friends fundraised and more to share with others. We realize how blessed we are with our dual life… especially as I just exclaimed to my hubby “We haven’t danced once this summer!” In La Cruz we dance often, usually numerous times in a single week.

We stay in touch with our La Cruz peeps many other ways too, Facebook, Instagram, texting and emailing. I’m quickly getting up to speed on all the new happenings awaiting us in La Cruz. If you have the will to donate you can bring from home scarves and fuzzy socks for the seniors, toothbrushes, English books for the kids, blankets and onesies for babies and to make Christmas special for so many kiddos, balls, Barbies, coloring books and more.
Speaking of people from ‘back home’; Annette from our hometown of Richmond, BC is hosting a fundraiser at The La Cruz Inn on October 12 for a local who was in a motorcycle accident over the summer. Manuel Lara produces videos for the Tres Aires trio and they’ll play to help their friend. Also The La Cruz Inn will be preparing a traditional home cooked turkey dinner for Canadian Thanksgiving on October 14th.

The Grand Opening of the new Tree House Bar will include a night full of music and fiesta with local favorite Cheko Ruiz and his band October 19.

This is the time that day after day bars and restaurants reopen for the season and new options surprise us. Explore La Cruz; you’ll be glad you did. Ask people about their summer and share your stories too… we’ll see you on the dance floor.

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Cindy Bouchard
Cindy Bouchard, an expat Canadian runs a Boutique Hotel, Villa Amor del Mar, in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. She and her husband Chris are living and lovin’ in Vallarta–Nayarit. If you want more info on La Cruz or desire… A very special vacation contact Cindy via