Justin Trudeau formally commits to lifting visa requirement for Mexicans

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto met with Canada’s PM at G20 summit in Turkey

By Susana Mas, CBC News

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has formally committed to removing visa requirements for Mexican citizens entering Canada, a policy imposed by the Conservative government in 2009 to stem the flow of Mexicans seeking asylum here. Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto said that Trudeau confirmed the commitment during a face-to-face meeting with Canada’s new prime minister at the G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey.
“Justin Trudeau confirmed that he has signaled his cabinet to remove in the future the Canadian visa requirement for Mexicans,” Pena Nieto wrote in Spanish in a post on Twitter Sunday.
A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office said Trudeau discussed mutual issues with Pena Nieto, including climate change, and “reiterated the [election] platform commitment to lift the visa requirement on Mexican citizens.”
The requirement had become an irritant between the two countries with the Mexican ambassador saying in 2013 he was “really mad” at Stephen Harper’s Conservative government. Olivier Duchesneau, the deputy director of communications for Trudeau, could not say when Mexicans would be able to travel to Canada without a visa, but told CBC News by phone today that the prime minister had instructed members of his cabinet to move forward with the change.

Top priorities for Liberal government
Trudeau instructed Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion in a mandate letter made public last Friday to lift the Mexican visa requirement.
The prime minister said he expected Dion to work with other cabinet colleagues to “strengthen trilateral North American co-operation with the United States and Mexico.”
A top priority for Dion, according to Trudeau’s mandate letter, is to “support the minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship in lifting the Mexican visa requirement.”
Another top priority is to “work with relevant ministers, including the ministers of international trade and environment and climate change, to prepare for the North American Leaders Summit in Canada.”

Three Amigos summit soon?
The Mexican president also said he and Trudeau discussed the trilateral annual summit between the prime minister of Canada, and the presidents of Mexico and the U.S., which Canada was set to host by year’s end.
“We agreed on the importance of realizing before long the North American Leaders’ Summit,” said Pena Nieto in a subsequent post on Twitter.
The last North American Leaders’ Summit was held in Mexico in February 2014. Canada hasn’t hosted one since 2007, when it was held in Montebello, Que.
Duchesneau, the spokesman for the prime minister, told CBC News today that no date or location has been set for the meeting.
The so-called Three Amigos summit had been scheduled for February but was postponed indefinitely by the Conservative government.
The decision to push back the summit came as a general election loomed in Canada and a decision by the U.S. president on the approval of TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline was still pending.
U.S. President Barack Obama recently rejected the pipeline application, ending a seven-year saga that became an irritant in Canada-U.S.relations.
Pena Nieto also said on Twitter that he concluded his meeting with Trudeau by inviting him to visit Mexico.


  1. I just read where the new Canadian Prime minister has reversed Canada’s involvement regarding climate change. There a number of countries who have decided that they will not be involved in any new climate change agreement because, to do so, will have a bad impact on their economy and jobs.

    Besides, because climate change , unlike weather , is a very long time change, and will likely not effect people living today, if people could actually change the climate, we would never know about the changes, nor benefit from them.

    Is this what the Canadian people wanted and voted for?

  2. More related news on the Internet. Regarding carbon capture, the Boundry Dam Power Station in Saskatchewan Canada opened last year and was designed to capture one million tons of carbon ( for deposit underground ) , but due to problems, has captured some half of that, as it’s cost went up from the estimated $900,000 U.S. to $1.8 U.S. .

    It became the only carbon capture facilities in the world. There were a number that were started in other countries , and have closed down before completion due to expanding costs; and one in the U.S. at a much higher cost that is about to open.

    Life has been depositing carbon into the ground for hundreds of millions of years by the deposit of their skeletons which become limestone deposits (taking carbon out of the atmosphere ). One lifeless planets like Mars, carbon dioxide has accumulated to where it becomes the major atmospheric gas.

    Then there are the Mexican immigrants leaving the U.S. for Canada and Mexico who came to the U.S. in 1995 to 2005 for the U.S. home boom, but after 2008, have been leaving after loosing their homes and jobs.

    From 2009 to 2014 over 1,00,000 Mexicans left the U.S. for their homes in Mexico, and 870,000 went to Canada. And the issue has been about border fences and Mexican visas.,

  3. I am glad to hear that Justin Trudeau committed to lift visa requirements for Mexicans, in order to improve relationship between Canada and Mexico, but I have a question: why Mexicans can buy properties in Canada (anywhere) without “fidejcomiso” and Canadians buying in Mexico (along the coast) have to accept that fee?

    1. It’s written in the constitution. Whereas Canada is still a colonized country, Mexico fought hard to remove its colonizers and wrote their constitution to protect it from happening again.
      In regards to fees, there are many many fees to be paid in Canada and Mexico. I suspect it’s all the same in the end.

  4. Reading between the lines on this climate change issue. there is a secret U.S. Project code named “Black Day Sky”, where America’s electronic system controls are being moved to a new underground station built inside the Rocky Mountains , that has something to do about our Sun’s output of major solar flairs. There was another one on New Years Day, that was a class M3, and if it had been the next size larger, could have taken down the U.S. power grid.

    I wonder if the money that is expected to be gained from carbon emitters has anything to do with this, for the advanced countries around the world are also building underground fortresses that will provide safety for their electronics and leaders.


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