Jay Sadler Project May Report: Helping the Children of R.I.S.E.

This month we will focus on the Orphanage R.I.S.E. or Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza A.C.

Initially promoting an upcoming fundraiser by R.I.S.E. Charity Event “RISE above with Education” @ Warique Restaurant on July 19 – 6-10pm. A fundraising event focused on helping the children at R.I.S.E. with continuing education. Silent auction, raffles and prizes. Beer, wine and food included for $400 pesos. Get your tickets at Warique Restaurant, Aquiles Serdan 280, Col. Emiliano Zapata or contact Ryan at (322) 134-1405 or email Ryan@HSCorganics.com.

Mango Festival July 7. El Parque “Lazaro Cardenas” from 4pm to 10pm. Entertainment and free entrance.

May was another exciting month filled with success.

Ursulo Galvan, Nayarit – Playground repairs, DIF New Life Home for Boys in Colonia Coapinole, Salvation Army in Colonia  Mojoneras, Camino A Playa Grande 1067, San Esteban Community Center and Volcanes Kids Education Program – Victor Aguirre, Director, thought it was important the children be familiar with our solar system. We discussed various options and decided a banner 6X3 meters of the solar system for wall was the best option. The banner was donated by Print PV and installed by JSP.  In June we will do some painting.    

Future/Ongoing  Projects

Two Kindergartens – Luis Medina, Colonia Ixtapa and Manuel de Jesus Clouthier del Rincon, Colonia Las Canadas. This is in partnership with the Navy League.

Volcanes Kids Education Program – Banner 6X3 meters of solar system for wall.      Painting and repairs to exterior of building.

Ursulo Galvan, Nayarit – Repair playground, install new slide and larger swing set. Install sink next to bathroom to wash hands.      

Children’s Cancer Screening Center – Purchase and install new kitchen cabinets.

DIF Casa de Dia Aurora – Building repairs and painting. BIG JOB.

Corral del Risco Kinder school, Punta de Mita. Playground and repairs to the bathroom water system. Inspect electrical service. Received $15,000 peso grant for partial payment for playground from Fundación Punta de Mita.

Projecto Busca un Amigos Estancia Sabrina – Repair roof.

Build frame and install ½ circle window for boy with cancer – Insects coming in during the evening hours.    

Magisterio Playground Rehabilitation – For Rotary Club Puerto Vallarta Sur.

Dives in Misericordia A.C. Ixtapa – Apply for $40,000 peso grant to purchase playground and install from Eagle Wings Foundation.

Vista Hermosa Playground – Fencing for the soccer field and volleyball court. 

Albergue en Puerto Vallarta  (R.I.S.E.) – Ron Dalgliesh has taken a leadership roll in recent years in fundraising and building repairs utilizing the Navy League Community Relations via the US Coast Guard in painting and repairs. Carol Smith, President has put her full support behind all efforts to assist R.I.S.E.  rjdalgliesh@gmail.com

R.I.S.E. was founded in 2001 by Carmelite nuns to provide a secure, clean and loving environment for children who are either homeless or at risk in their own home. The children range from newborns to mid-teens and they receive an education, healthy meals, medical and dental services, psychological help and speech and hearing assistance if needed.

They have a salaried staff that assists with the care of the children and presently have the capacity for 50 children. The amount of time a child stays at R.I.S.E. depends on their parents’ situation. It is always our hope to rejoin the children with their family once their family complies with government regulations. R.I.S.E. depends on private donors for support, so your donation of money, goods, or services is critical for us being able to provide care for the children.

For more information on the JSP Community Relations: Contact Jim Mawdesley at jimmawdesley@gmail.com

By Dennis Rike & Donna Wong