The Jay Sadler Project A.C. 

We work with DIF President Candelaria Tovar de Dávalos, the government’s social services agency to identify those in need. The Jay Sadler Project has worked with the American Legion Post 14, Navy League of Vallarta and various Rotarys on community relations projects in Puerto Vallarta.   

In addition to public organizations we also provide necessary resources to improve various institutions in the Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay area. These include day care centers, senior citizen homes and schools for the disabled, deaf, public schools in rural areas and other private charitable institutions. Providing building maintenance, repairs and install playgrounds in the community. 

Go to website. Click on Projects 2017 for details on the December projects and other previous projects. 

The Jay Sadler Project was started five years ago to help the community in general. In 2016 we completed 18 projects, 2017 we did more than 30 projects. Over 100 projects in total have been undertaken. We will be updating our success monthly with more details.  

If you would like to volunteer or donate, please contact us on our website.  

Donations are tax deductible through the Foundation Punta de Mita. 

Completed Projects December 2017 

  1. San Juan de Diego Extended Assisted Living Facility: With the assistance of a Yoga Retreat Group on December 21, 2017. Repairing the roof over the laundry room, cement repairs to the interior and painting. 
  2. Ignacio Lopez Rayon School- Colonia AramaraPuerto Vallarta: Repairing building exterior of the school and painting.   
  3. Higuera Blanca Elementary School –  Punta de Mita: School repairs to the water supply for the bathrooms. There was no water to the bathrooms before. The children would have to use a small bucket of water to flush the toilets. This included 7 toilets, 1 urinal, 4 sinks, pumps, water lines repaired, flushing controls for all 7 toilets, drainage for the sinks and installed an outside faucet. Repairs to the water holding tanks and painting.    
  4. Aurora Recreation Center: Installed 2 free standing poles plus a volleyball net and balls in the basketball court. Continued ongoing maintenance of 2 soccer fields, basketball court and playground.   
  5. Vista Hermosa: Had a back-hoe level the back part of the park. Removed trash on the sidewalk to clean up the front. Moved soccer goal post from the opposite end of the playground to create a buffer so the young children will not get hit by a ball. 
  6. Regional Hospital: Team Irma Guzman Roblyer, Donna Wong and Dennis Rike delivered packets of Toilet Paper, Soap, Toothbrush & Toothpaste and Shampoo on behalf of the JSP and American Legion   
  7. Children’s Cancer Screen Center: Installed barb wire security on existing wall. There have been a couple of break in’s. Replaced glass in the door, insulation to sound proof the office of the Psychologist and covered with a large banner of various Disney Characters. Supported Malecon event to raise the awareness of Cancer. Various women donated their pony tails. Women from local CANICA group raised money selling various food items.  
  8. IMSS (Mexico Social Services Health Care System): Posada for Patients with Kidney problems. Attended and donated blender for patient raffle. It was very emotional to watch certain couples dance close to each other as if this may be their last dance together. 
  9. Projecto Busca un Amigo Estancia Sabrina: Day care center for children with disabilities. Repaired roof interior and painted the main meeting room. 
  10. Catholic Church Lo de Marcos San Marcos Evangelista – Jalisco: Repair of Basketball Court Wall – Installed 6 Foot cyclone fence.