Jalisco to get new upgraded taxis

Mauricio Gudino Coronado, Secretary for Mobility and Transport, yesterday presented the new environmentally friendly taxis to begin in 2015 in the metropolitan areas of Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta.
The new taxis in Puerto Vallarta will be white with yellow roofs with TAXI PVR on the sides. In Guadalajara the taxis will now be grey with yellow highlights and TAXI GDL on the sides. All registered cars will also have QR codes on the windshields to help with identifying taxi’s.
All drivers will need to be registered with the Secretaría de Movilidad (SEMOV) and prior to registration will have to undergo a four-week training course.
The aim is to make the taxi’s safer and to bring in new certification requirements. In January all registered vehicles will need to be upgraded and painted in the new colour scheme. If a driver cannot afford to upgrade or purchase a new car, the federal and state governments will act as loan guarantors to ensure the drivers can finance the new requirements.
It is expected that up to 1500 cars will be upgraded in addition to the new cars being purchased.
Source: www.oem.com.mx

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  1. There is nothing said in this article whether the new environmentally friendly taxi’s will be electric, gas, or hybrids ? An electric powered car would be like driving around with your cellphone on. If the car size are compacts, then like before , the car will not carry much luggage in their trunks, nor more than four passengers.

    In the early days of riding a taxi from the airport, the cars were big. They were soon replaced with compact gas powered cars that required large groups to take two taxis. Later the Vans were available at the airport.

    Of course … the price of taxis are going up. However I have in the years of late learned to take two carryon bags since the airline companies started charging for luggage. It is like the shops in San Francisco that are required to charge 10 cents for each bag required for your purchase … and most people either bring theirs, or carry the items in their hands. Really!

    With just two carry-on bags , it is easy for me to take one of those blue and white gas powered buses from the airport to my hotel. Actually, I have not had to take a taxi for years.

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