Jalisco Civil Protection elements will support rescue and damage assessment tasks in TW

After receiving the request for support from the National Coordination of Civil Protection, dependent on the Government of the Republic, a total of 35 elements of Civil Protection Jalisco will travel to the states of Tabasco and Chiapas to help with rescue and damage assessment tasks. , after a month of intense rains, which caused the overflow of the Grijalva River and which brought with it various effects for the entity.
The so-called “Southeast Operation” will be attended by 35 officers, including specialists in water rescue.
According to data provided by the National Civil Protection Coordination, so far there is a record of just over 48,000 affected in addition to 35,982 homes flooded, just in Tabasco.
It should be noted that the Center, Macuspana and Tlacotalpan are the most affected.
The 35 rescue officers who will come to support from Jalisco correspond to the following commandments:
Ciudad Guzman
El Grullo
Talpa de Allende
San Juan de Los Lagos
Villa Guerrero
Regarding the material equipment, it will be supported by:
Diving equipment
jet sky
logistics team
radio communication equipment
vertical rescue team
off-road trucks
Who, in addition to rescue equipment, will carry more than 150 mats, 10 wheelbarrows, and a manual tool, which will be delivered to part of the affected population.
The instructions of the State Governor, Enrique Alfaro to the State Civil Protection Unit is to show solidarity with the population and governments of the affected states, coordinating with the institutions of the three levels of Government to support the population affected by natural disasters. .

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